Make a Date with Friends vs Friends, Launching May 30 on Steam

Cards and combat combine in this rapid-fire deck-building FPS featuring 1v1 and 2v2 battles, also launching on consoles later this year!

STOCKHOLM May 11, 2023 Friends vs Friends, the frantically delightful deck-building FPS from developer Brainwash Gang and publisher Raw Fury, is coming to Steam on May 30, 2023, for €9.99/$9.99/£8.50 with an additional 40% launch discount to make sure everyone and anyone can jump into the fun! Choose your stylish character, create a custom deck of madcap weapons and abilities, and hop into fast-paced multiplayer mayhem with friends and friends you’ve yet to meet!


Release Date Trailer: https://youtu.be/Y4k5_OVQyvo

Friends vs Friends combines combat and deck-building with all the frenetic fun of an online PvP shooter. Your powers, weapons and debuffs are all played from your card deck – become a titan, summon friendly turrets, steal health with vampire bullets, or just give your opponent a big freaking head! Earn new cards, level them up, and unlock new characters with unique skills in chaotic 1v1 or 2v2 game modes.

Key Features

  • Friends vs Friends: Matchmake with players worldwide in 1v1 or 2v2 combat, or host private matches with your friends. Need Support? Invite your friends to spectate!

  • A Game with Character: Choose from a stylish cast of characters, each with their own abilities that improve the synergies of your deck.

  • Low Price + High Quality = How?!: In order to keep the crew together, we made sure to level the playing field on cost so jumping in is a big-brain move.

  • Progress to Impress: Level up and get new cards through matched bouts and timed challenges.

  • Stack Your Deck: Collect weapon, trap, and curse cards, then level them up to increase their power.

  • Updates and Seasonal Content: Expect post-launch content including new unique characters, cards, maps, and upgrades to your home base.

  • Play Dress-up: Unlock cool cosmetics like skins and card design variants for bragging rights!

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Go up against bots to try out new card combos and improve your skills for when it counts.

Friends vs Friends will launch on consoles later this year, and is available to wishlist now on Steam.


About the Developer

Brainwash Gang is a video game developer with headquarters in Madrid, Spain. Known for Damnview: Built from Nothing, Grotto, Nongunz, The Longest Road on Earth, and more, the Gang rebels against tying itself to a single genre, instead focusing on the feel of games.

Game: https://www.friendsvsfriends.com

Studio: https://brainwashgang.com

Twitter: twitter.com/brainwash_gang

About Raw Fury

Raw Fury is a boutique indie (un)publisher founded in 2015 by Jonas Antonsson, Gordon Van Dyke, and David Martinez. We do not care about genres or mechanics. We care about experiences and emotions. We want to help developers make magic.

Web: rawfury.com
Twitter: twitter.com/rawfury
Discord: discord.gg/rawfury