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SuperPlanet’s Mobile Action RPG ‘SwordMaster Story’, collaborating with popular anime ‘Konosuba’

  • The anime’s original characters Megumin, Aqua and Darkness are coming to the game!
  • Kazuma, Yun-Yun and Wiz’s costumes added..Incredible changes in store for the usual SwordMaster’s characters.
  • One-month-only event with a Collab Dungeon and much more!
‘SwordMaster Story’, a Mobile Action RPG serviced by SuperPlanet, is collaborating with the worldwide famous Japanese Anime <Konosuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World!>.
Konosuba is a popular Japanese Light Novel Series written by Natsume Akatsuki which tells the story of a high-school boy ‘Kazuma’ who has been sent to a fantasy world. With cumulative sales of 9 million copies, this popular series has gained even more fans all over the world, thanks to its anime, TV animations, and theatrical adaptations.
The SwordMaster Story x Konosuba Collaboration Event will be held for one month, from May 1st to May 31st and will offer an incredible opportunity to meet the Konosuba characters in SwordMaster Story. Many fans from all over the world are anticipating the appearance of the Konosuba’s characters as 2D animation graphics.

Three new characters will be added to the game. The Useless Goddess ‘Aqua’, the Crimson Demons Chuunibyou Arch Mage ‘Megumin’ and the Crusader with weird fetishes ‘Darkness’ will be joining the other characters of SwordMaster Story.

Like in the original, ‘Aqua’ will be an ‘Arch Priestess’ and will appear as a 5-star Healer while ‘Megumin’ will be appearing as a 5-Star Fire-Attribute Mage using an high-damage active skill called ‘Explosion’. 

To stay true to the original work, ‘Megumin’ will pass out every time she uses her skill. ‘Darkness’ is a 5-Star Light-Attribute warrior and will take damage for her team instead. She will fall down with an ecstatic expression if she loses the battle!

Three new costumes will also be added. The costumes of ‘Kazuma’, a HikiNEET who reincarnated into another world after an unexpected accident, ‘Yun-Yun’, Megumin’s hometown friend and the next leader of the Crimson Demons and ‘Wiz’, a rich and powerful officer from the Demon Forces who owns an item shop will be available to be used on special characters in the game.

To celebrate this collaboration, SuperPlanet will be holding an Attendance Event during which the users will be able to get 5-Star Healer ‘Aqua’ after logging in 7 days. Monsters from the original work will also be appearing in the Event Dungeon which the players will have to clear in order to get ‘Collab Coins’ that can be exchanged against several items such as a 5-Star Character Summon Ticket.
All the information and news regarding the SwordMaster Story x Konosuba collaboration can be found in the game’s official community page. Don’t miss out on this incredible event, this May, with SwordMaster Story and Konosuba!

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