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Pockethost: The carsharing model for game servers

Pockethost offers users servers for multiplayer games such as Minecraft that can be set up in seconds // Only gameplay time is billed, no expensive subscription necessary // Multiple users can share access to their server

Karlsruhe, Germany, March 14th, 2023 | A new way of renting game servers is gaining traction in the gaming community: The young start-up Pockethost revolutionizes the process of setting up and managing servers for shared digital adventures with its app of the same name. Instead of a complicated and time-consuming setup process, Pockethost servers are ready to use in less than 30 seconds. And, even better: Players only pay when they actually use the server: There are no upkeep costs. Expensive server hardware subscriptions belong to the past.

"We are all gamers ourselves, fans of Minecraft especially, and have built the product that we always missed," says Marco Salas, Founder and Co-CEO at Pockethost. "Everyone knows this situation: You want to play something, the service is only available through a subscription, you have to commit to a year, forget to cancel, and end up paying for 24 months for a service you may have only used once or twice. We want to put an end to that for game servers: no usage, no fee!"

Currently, Pockethost users have access to servers for Minecraft (Bedrock and Java Edition) and Terraria. In the future, titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, and many more will be added.

The Pockethost Founders, from left to right: Christian Orlowski, Theresa Neumann und Marco Salas Franz
The Pockethost Founders, from left to right: Christian Orlowski, Theresa Neumann und Marco Salas Franz

The Pockethost story

Pockethost GmbH is the company behind Pockethost, headquartered in the startup hub of Karlsruhe's Gameforge AG, which supports young companies in the region.

The three founders, Theresa Neumann, Marco Salas Franz, and Christian Orlowski, are all Minecraft players and are familiar with the challenges that come with setting up and running your own server. They too were faced with complicated setup processes, cumbersome user interfaces, and high prices for server hardware. The idea that sparked Pockethost was that it had to be easier, better, and more gamer-oriented.

What is a game server?

Game servers are servers designed for multiplayer games that allow multiple players to connect. The server manages game data, synchronizes gameplay, and saves the progress of players. Having your own server is especially exciting for survival and building games where the player changes to the game world are the focus.

The crucial difference: on-demand and subscriptions

Players with an on-demand model only pay for the server when they actually use it. Previously, servers had to be rented through a monthly subscription, which would continue even if no one used the server infrastructure. Pockethost servers are paid hourly with the company's own token currency. The number of tokens required for a server varies depending on the desired size and performance, both of which can be selected in a simple menu before starting the server. Tokens can be purchased in the Pockethost shop or earned by inviting friends or watching ads. If no one plays on the server, no fees are charged. Compared to traditional rental models, casual players can save up to 95% on monthly server costs. For heavy users, Pockethost also offers subscriptions. This appeals to players who want their server to run 24/7, for example, to build a community or to allow in-game processes to take place in the player's absence.

Pockethost features

Maximum flexibility: After the free trial period, users can either operate their servers on an hourly basis with tokens or leave them running permanently under a flat-rate model. The server location can be freely chosen.

Quick and easy: Pockethost is available as a free app on the App Store and Google Play Store as well as a web app. All versions have the same functionality. Regardless of which platform users choose, their server is ready to go with just three clicks. No technical knowledge is required to set up and manage a server using Pockethost, and the service is aimed at everyone.

Manage together: Unlike competing solutions, Pockethost users can share access and administrative rights with their friends. This means that server management is no longer tied to a single person. Even in the absence of the creator, the server remains usable.

Nothing is lost: Pockethost users don't have to worry about the whereabouts of their game progress. The tool automatically creates backups of server game progress. So no progress is lost, whether the server is running or not.

Configuration made easy: Pockethost provides an extensive plugin catalog from which extensions can be installed on the respective server with just a few clicks. Alternatively, users can install their own plugins or choose other sources. Users may also easily upload their own game worlds to the server or make further configurations.

Support and community Discord: Pockethost thrives on an active and lively community that exchanges feedback with the developers of the tool through the official Discord channel. The minds behind Pockethost incorporate community feedback into the tool as quickly as possible.

About Pockethost

Pockethost GmbH from Karlsruhe has set itself the task of revolutionizing the game server rental business. Players should be able to set up and manage a ready-made server with just a few clicks and only pay for the time they actually use the server. Pockethost offers a simple solution and enables gamers worldwide to have their own game server.

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