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Cute Horror Platformer Triple Take Is Out Today

You are always on the lookout for the perfect ways to spend some time with challenging but fun little games. We're happy to let you know you can fill in that gap in your soul now. Triple Take is out on Steam today, on October 6th with a price of 6.99 USD/EUR and a 20% discount.

Triple Take is simple but yet cute and amusing in it's visual style. You play in a (un)vibrantly coloured world inside of your computer which in cursed by a entity trying to corrupt the whole game! You must complete the levels in order to beat the entity and save the game.

But wait! The entity makes you play each level three times, and it keeps making the level harder and harder with each try!


The main features of the game:

  • The game breaks the fourth wall: an entity corrupts the game and you must complete tasks on your computer AND beat each level three times as it evolves making your task harder and harder
  • Simple yet amusing and cute art style, soundtrack, and story keep you entertained for the whole over 50 levels
  • Puzzles, precision, skills, challenges, wall jumps, traps... What else would you need!

Triple Take is out now, on October 6th on Steam with a price of 6.99 USD/EUR and a 20% release discount, so get it now.

Triple Take on Steam:
Official trailer on YouTube: