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Blast Programming excited to announce new game Legends of Dragaea: Idle Dungeons a dungeon crawling Idle RPG!

April 3rd, 2024 – Blast Programming the creators of hack and slash action RPG Wyvia announce their new game Legends of Dragaea: Idle Dungeons an Idle RPG. Plunder dungeons while managing a guild of heroes fighting deadly monsters, uncovering valuable treasure, and facing terrifying bosses. You can wishlist the game here and play the demo!

Legends of Dragaea: Idle Dungeons is a First Person Idle Dungeon Crawler game with 6 unique races to choose, robust combat, a grand saga spanning a continent full of unique kingdoms, free-form skill system, and a guild management system to master as you uncover the secrets of the world of Dragaea!

Key Features:

  • Answer The Call of Glory: Legends of Dragaea: Idle Dungeons is inspired by classic JRPGs distilling down the essence to it's roots as an idle dungeon crawler. Discover unique locations, visit the Adventurer's Guild and tear quests from the quest board advancing through the tiered ranking system reaping greater rewards. Encounter dangerous enemies that will test your might, and confront calamitous bosses.
  • Lead A Guild Of Dungeon Adventurers: With over 20+ skills dedicated to combat for a robust free-form skill system including melee, ranged, and magic characters allowing you to specialize your heroes any way you wish. Augment your team with over 25+ abilities each like Bonk, Fissure, and Life Steal, using any 4 abilities in any combination you choose. As you explore Dragaea you will be able to recruit new party members to aid you in your journey forming multiple teams of 3 to explore dungeons and tackle challenges becoming the finest adventuring guild in all the land.
  • Explore A Land Steeped In Treasure: The land of Dragaea is a place filled mystery, intrigue, and precious treasure. Collect and upgrade over 200+ pieces of weapons, armor, accessories, items, and other consumables to augment your party's prowess. No two pieces of equipment are the same with different rarities and stats affecting the possibilities. Found a favorite axe or staff? Upgrade it to it's max potential and give your adventurers the finest tools to do the job. A full featured inventory system and shop system lets you manage your collections effortlessly.

You learn more about Legends of Dragaea: Idle Dungeons on Steam and connect with Blast Programming on Discord and Twitter.