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Genotype stand-alone now runs in PCVR resolution

Meta Quest 3: A resolution patch for FPS game Genotype uploads today, accompanied by a sale.

Genotype now runs at the “native” resolution setting on the Meta Quest 3 - a full 27% visual improvement. This means users will no longer experience any difference playing with or without tethering.

Players will experience a crisper and sharper in-game world when loading up Genotype today. With the latest patch, the already beautiful action game looks even better when playing the game stand-alone, as this mode now matches the resolution in PCVR.

The resolution is so fine that it should be called resoultion.

On sale: $21,99
Starting today, Genotype is on sale. The discount will last until Monday, November 27, and Genotype will sell for $21,99.

VR adventure-shooter Genotype is buffing up its resolution today.

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