‘Yuko and the Akuma Menace’ Coming To PC Via STEAM Challenges Your Ninja- And Pathfinding Skills

Strange Creatures Are Lurking The Lands Of Mizumizu Village!

For Immediate Release: San Rafael, Ecuador, June 24th 2021: Indie game developers and brothers Erick & Andres Vaca De Lucca, publishing as De Lucca Software on digital platforms, are proud to announce the upcoming release of Yuko and the Akuma Menace, a crisp and colorful top-down adventure game with puzzle elements and devious mazes to navigate. Scheduled for a worldwide release via STEAM™ in August, Yuko and the Akuma Menace is the first of many games to be published by the dynamic duo.

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Yuko and the Akuma Menace tells the tale of an age-old conflict between Humans and Orcs, the latter commanded by evil Blue Demons known only as the Akumas. Today, the story has become myth, but rumors have come forth of new sightings of monsters near the otherwise abandoned Mizumizu Village where the game begins. You play the role of Ninja protagonist Yuko sent on a mission to investigate what is going on, and to rid the land of any wrongdoings that may be found.
Yuko and the Akuma Menace is a single-player adventure game with puzzle elements played in a top-down view. You must explore and investigate the village and surrounding areas; fight your way through the dangers across different themed zones spanning multiple labyrinth levels and put an end to the evil you encounter. Some enemies and obstacles can be destroyed, others must be avoided. Use the elemental orbs to help you overcome otherwise inaccessible terrain and to protect yourself from elemental attacks, such as freezing blasts, lava explosions, ice and fire breath; and even use them to slow or weaken light or shadow enemies. Be careful not to get lost in the mazes, and remember that smoke bombs, shurikens and kunais can be used to destroy enemies blocking your path.
Yuko and the Akuma Menace is a cute and colorful game suitable to players of all ages and experience levels featuring 100 challenging levels, 10 themed zones to visit and more than 10 epic boss fights. With its top-down cleverly designed levels and mazes spanning 4-5 hours of exciting gameplay, fans of the genre will instantly feel at home.
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