We have Epic news on Prehistoric Kingdom

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] San Diego, CA April 8, 2021—Publisher, Crytivo alongside the development team, Blue Meridian are proud to announce that the dinosaur zoo tycoon Prehistoric Kingdom will be heading to the Epic Store.

"We're excited to be added to the Epic Store and make our game available to even more players at launch," says Maurizio Morosan.

With the recent release of their Alpha to Kickstarter backers and content creators, a glowing spotlight has been placed on this ambitious team. Content creators have already been sharing their impressive builds to the ever-growing community. They already have over 150,000 wishlists on steam that number continues to grow.


Release Information
Summer 2021 PC | Epic Store, and Steam

Important Links
Epic Store | Steam | Crytivo | Website | Discord

About the Developers
Blue Meridian (formerly known as Shadow Raven Studios) is a team of 13 spread across 7 timezones. They’re a group of gamers dedicated to bringing their own vision to life while honoring what came before them.

About Crytivo
Crytivo is an indie developer and publisher, founded in 2017 by Alex Koshelkov in San Diego, California. Crytivo works with game developers around the globe to help bring to market the best, most creative indie games in the world.