Voxel MMORPG ‘Trove’ Adds Gearcrafting Profession, Dynamic Loot in Major Spring Update

Grab your friends, hone your blades, and set off for adventure because gamigo has just announced the spring update for its critically acclaimed free-to-play voxel MMORPG, Trove. The update is available now on Windows PC.

Trove is an open-world multiplayer sandbox that takes players on a journey through countless realms, tasking them with completing quests and defeating enemies of all shapes and sizes along the way. With the new spring update, players can master the latest new profession, “Gearcrafting,” enjoy dynamic loot, and progress through the “Golden Thread” introductory questline.

With Gearcrafting, Trovians gain an all-new way of acquiring equipment for the game’s many character classes! Look for the giant gear in Character Corner in the Hub and seek out Guillermo Armada, who will set players off on their path to becoming Gearcrafters. The Gearcrafting Forge allows players to turn rough materials (including flux, ores, and other gathered materials) into treasure, crafting the full range of equipment from Uncommon (green) up through Crystal (teal) with six tiers of recipes.
The higher the Gearcrafting skill, the better the quality of the crafted item. Once 250 Gearcrafting skill has been acquired, Trovians can make use of the Gearcrafter’s Terminus to unlock Crystal 2, 3, and 4 equipment recipes, with a rare chance of Crystal 5 equipment. Gearcrafter’s Vaults, which can be obtained by completing Gearcrafting recipes at the Forge from Uber-1 (or higher) chests and dungeons, also provide an opportunity to get high-quality loot. Vaults typically contain items required by Gearcrafting recipes, and on rare (lucky) results, a piece of 2-star equipment (scaled to class Power Rank) and a large amount of Block elements await! 

Beyond this loot-erific overhaul, the Trove spring update introduces the all-new introductory Golden Thread questline, a new progression tree bench, and a dynamic lootbox containing gear suited to the player's current class. Plus, adjusted gear drops in Uber worlds mean that magic will no longer be the only viable method of collecting high-tier gear. How’s that for a quality of loot life improvement?

Key Gameplay Features of Trove:

  • Cubular Classes: Cube-kind can be anything they want! Master classes including Knight, Gunslinger, Ice Sage, Dracolyte, and Pirate-with-a-parrot, with awesome abilities ranging from impressive ninja techniques to deliciously yet deadly ice cream crushes
  • Infinite and Fully Destructible: Roam through colorful, voxel-based realms, including untamed wilds and worlds made of candy, before using skills to destroy them, one beautiful block at a time
  • Imagine It, Build It: Add to the land with all manner of building and crafting options, including a Cornerstone (mobile base), huge Club Worlds, dungeons, dragons, costumes, and even swords made out of bacon
  • Lots of Loot: Loot to the heart’s content with all manner of shimmering treasures and mighty rewards to unlock and uncover throughout the land, such as special gear, ships, decorations, and collectibles

Trove is available free to play on Windows PC via Steam and the official website, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

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