Alawar Launches Playtest for Technotopia, a City-Building Roguelike Card Game

Play the official playtest and build a better tomorrow, today!

May 8th, 2024 - Alawar has launched a playtest for Technotopia, their upcoming city-builder roguelike card game. The developers are eager to gather player feedback and work with the community to shape the game’s production. The playtest offers a glimpse into the fascinating world you'll inhabit. Learn the ropes of building and managing the city of the future. Players can request access to the playtest on the Technotopia Steam Page.

Technotopia puts you in the role of Iris, an AI tasked with building a perfect city in a world teetering on the brink of chaos. With a deck of building cards at their disposal, you will construct various districts, address urban dilemmas, fulfill faction requests, and brace yourself for obstacles, all while considering the diverse needs and issues of the populace.


In Technotopia, building a utopia is no easy feat. Four distinct factions – capitalists, aristocrats, politicians, and the common people – all vie for influence within the city. Every decision Iris makes will tip the scales of power, and players must act as a skilled mediator, ensuring the needs of each group are met.


Key Features:

  • Build a Perfect City: Manage the deck of cards with buildings at your disposal. Use the cards to build skyscrapers, parks, residential districts, and transportation highways.

  • Maintain the Delicate Balance: Capitalists, aristocrats, politicians, and the common people are fighting to establish their authority and control over the city. Try to maintain the balance needed for a truly perfect city.

  • Navigating Obstacles: Address the random events that could be triggered by constructing buildings, such as fires, gangs that have taken control of some districts, and the processes of city life. Listen to the factions to solve urban problems, but be wary of the consequences.

Players eager to build their utopias can opt into the Playtest on Steam. Stay up to date by wishlisting Technotopia and checking out the Steam News Hub, as well as by following Alawar on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and joining the official Alawar Discord server to keep up with the latest news. 

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