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Indie Marvel "Need For Cheese" Grabs Epic MegaGrant and Sets Course for gamescom Cologne 2023 Debut

The indie game development duo, Green Goo Games, is delighted to announce a double triumph for their highly anticipated action role-playing game (ARPG), "Need For Cheese." Not only have these two innovative developers been honoured with an Epic MegaGrant, but they are also gearing up to make a significant splash by showcasing "Need For Cheese" at gamescom Cologne 2023.

Epic MegaGrants: A Testament to Innovation
In a heartening acknowledgment of their creative skills and technical expertise, Green Goo Games, the dynamic duo behind "Need For Cheese," has been selected as a recipient of an Epic MegaGrants. This recognition sincerely reflects the devotion and innovative spirit that fuels the development of "Need For Cheese," firmly establishing its position as a game that's expanding the horizons of indie gaming.
Check out the announcement trailer on the link below:
Epic MegaGrants Announcement - Trailer: https://youtu.be/zSHKUCn2ITU

Venturing into gamescom Cologne 2023
Green Goo Games is geared up for a debut unveiling of "Need For Cheese" at gamescom Cologne 2023. The game's vibrant narrative, adrenaline-fueled gameplay mechanics, and mesmerising visuals powered by Unreal Engine, will surely set the stage for "Need For Cheese" to make a resounding mark on the gaming landscape.

"Need For Cheese": An Overview
Crawl through countless dungeons, fighting hordes of monsters in this unique, fast-paced action RPG. Class-up, mutate, and survive as you loot, shoot, upgrade, and repeat. Descend into the depths of a strange and dark world filled with mysteries and uncover its secrets.                                                                      
Join the Adventure at gamescom Cologne 2023
Green Goo Games warmly welcomes gamers, dedicated media professionals, and fellow indie enthusiasts to gather at gamescom Cologne 2023. Dive into the captivating universe of "Need For Cheese" and share in the heartfelt celebration, as they infuse their genuine passion to create something uniquely wonderful in the world of indie gaming.

Stay up-to-date on "Need For Cheese" developments by visiting https://www.nfcgame.net/ or https://store.steampowered.com/app/1123240/Need_For_Cheese/

For behind-the-scenes insights and the latest announcements, follow GGG on https://twitter.com/GreenGooGames

About Green Goo Games
Green Goo Games is the dynamic collaboration of two indie developers on a mission to create immersive and groundbreaking gaming experiences. With a shared passion for gameplay innovation, Green Goo Games is dedicated to leaving a unique mark on the indie gaming landscape.

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Epic MegaGrants Announcement - Trailer: https://youtu.be/zSHKUCn2ITU
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