Press release

AstroDogs Releasing on Steam April 8th 2021

Hang out with an amazing group of pups as they tear up the sky - AstroDogs

April 7, 2021- AstroDogs an intense arcade action game featuring a cast of space dogs piloting some of the sickest aircraft ever, will be releasing on Steam April 8th  and on the Nintendo Switch in early summer.

The game was developed by Digital Media Triad of Mexico City, and is comprised of 10 stunning handcrafted levels, unforgettable bosses, an engaging story and a transcending soundtrack. The innovative level design encourages multiple playthroughs, guaranteeing these dogs get plenty of love.

The game’s charming characters, modern aesthetics and sharp controls, is sure to be a thrilling experience for all gamers especially those who battled in Starfox 64.

A variety of flying machines, a wide arsenal of weapons like remote controlled bombs, homing missiles, hyperbeam and parry-shield, as well as "Slow-Mo" mechanics, are sure to make every moment memorable.

The game will be available for PC on Steam and GOG, with an SRP of $12.99 and support the Windows operating system.

Click here for Steam Page Click here for Game Trailer