Games Press Pro

For journalists and influencers

Games Press Pro gives you access to our complete archive of images and videos, getting rid of those pesky Games Press watermarks.

There are two ways to use Games Press Pro:

1. Games Press Pro credits

Ideal for freelancers, streamers, influencers, bloggers and other light users, each credit lets you download one image or video file.

To add credits to your login, simply visit our top-up page.


2. A Games Press Pro subscription

Get access to everything in our archive for a fixed monthly fee. Your subscription can cover multiple logins, covering everyone within your organization who needs Games Press access.

To request a quote for a Games Press Pro subscription, please complete the form below:

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Games Press Pro FAQ

How much is a Games Press Pro subscription?

It varies! Please fill in our enquiry form, giving as much information as you can about your website, publication or company, and we'll get back to you with a quote for the monthly fee.

How can I use the assets I download?

The use of all assets downloaded from Games Press must be in line with our Terms and Conditions and follow the instructions in our Use of Assets FAQ.