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DALLAS – 4th November 2021 – Old World’s “I Lift My Eyes” – an original song created for the game by legendary composer Christopher Tin and performed by Lebanese singer Abeer Nehme – now has a music video, performed by Nehme and the Los Angeles’ Angel City Chorale and directed by Tayo Amos. The music video can be seen at Nehme's YouTube.

Old World’s soundtrack has a particular focus on the musical traditions of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cultures, matching the game’s geographic focus. Christopher Tin's previous work includes the song "Baba Yetu" for Sid Meier's Civilization IV, the first piece of music written for a video game to win a Grammy Award.

"It was very important to us to have an accurate and fair representation of Middle-Eastern cultures in Old World’s soundtrack, so it’s extremely exciting to have “I Lift My Eyes” turned into a proper music video,” said Leyla Johnson, CEO of Mohawk Games. "Chris and Abeer are fantastic, talented musicians, and it’s great to see a piece of our video game soundtrack make the jump to live action."

Christopher Tin’s full Old World soundtrack, featuring 12 tracks highlighting different cultures and aspects of the game, is available here.

Old World can be wishlisted on Steam and GOG, or purchased on the Epic Games Store. A Steam/GOG release announcement trailer is available at YouTube

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About Old World: 

Set in classical antiquity, Old World is a historical 4X turn-based strategy game where players select a historical leader to guide their civilization. Leaders are mortal, and once they die, the dynasty’s future depends on their heir. Old World is currently released on the Epic Games Store and is scheduled for release on Steam and GOG in Spring of 2022. 

About Mohawk Games: 

Mohawk Games, Inc. is a Baltimore, Maryland development studio led by Leyla and Soren Johnson, the lead designer of Sid Meier's Civilization IV and co-lead designer of Sid Meier's Civilization III. Mohawk Games previously released Offworld Trading Company and is currently developing content for Old World. Mohawk Games be found at its website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and Twitch 

About Hooded Horse: 

Hooded Horse Inc. is a publisher of strategy, simulation, and role-playing games based in Dallas, Texas. Hooded Horse is the publisher of Terra Invicta, developed by Pavonis Interactive; Alliance of the Sacred Suns, developed by KatHawk Studios; Falling Frontier, developed by Stutter Fox Studios; and Old World, developed by Mohawk Games. Hooded Horse can be found at its website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, or Steam.