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New RPG Action-Puzzle game CrossOver has Early Beta Keys Available Now

CrossOver: Roll for Initiative, the new, unique RPG Action-Puzzle game, will roll out an Open Beta test next week and we are giving out early preview keys to press outlets who would like to show the game in early exclusive to their readers.

CrossOver is a tabletop RPG strategy game.

Defend your tabletop RPG paper character sheet from invading pixel enemies! Find matches in your tray of dice to power attacks to clear the evil from your shelf full of campaign books. Hardcore match-3 RPG puzzle meets action-strategy tower defence. CrossOver takes some classic concepts from traditionally “casual” genres (Match 3 and Tower Defence) and crosses them into a new and eccentric hardcore challenge with Strategy, RPG and Puzzle elements.
What is included in this Beta Test?
  • 3 x Full Campaigns (7 x stages in each)
  • All Coop Content - 7 x Coop Scenarios plus Coop Endless Mode, which has an online leaderboard.
  • Tutorial - just the basics.
  • Something Secret - It has its own hidden leaderboard so I’ll know how many find it ;) 
Gaterooze, Ink
Gaterooze, Ink is a husband & wife creative team, half of which was the solo developer of the quirky, well-received Action-RPG game Ampersat that merged colorful voxels and ASCII characters.

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