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Line Simulator Official Release!

Coming Next week

The game about waiting, that you have been waiting for without even knowing! 

Stracos Labs has been working tirelessly the last 6 and a half month to do the impossible, a game that combines, chaos, terror, and your worst nightmare, standing in lines. 

But these lines are special, you can control them, you can treat lines how you always wanted to treat them. Someone look at you funny? Throw something at them. Someone cut in front of you? Punch them in the face. 

This game is not just standing in line for 5 hours, it is 5 hours of chaos, food fights, stealing, and tons of other bizzare out of line experiences. 

With no Black Friday this year, we are all desparate to get the feeling of standing in unbelievably long lines, but thanks to Stracos Labs, we can still harbor those feelings!

So grab your VR headsets, and queue up for the most confusing game experience of the year, because Line Simulator is destine to bring the line queuing experience right to you.