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Manage a tea room between worlds

MONTREAL, DECEMBER 6th, 2023 - As part of today’s Day of the Devs: The Game Awards Edition showcase, Kitfox Games (Boyfriend Dungeon) is eager to announce their next internally developed game, Loose Leaf: A Tea Witch Simulator!

Loose Leaf: A Tea Witch Simulator is an occult sandbox game about brewing tea and reading tarot cards. You play as a witch managing your own tea room where you discover new brews and guide your troubled customers in a haunted world. Provide your regulars with the advice they need along with the perfect, witchy beverage to accompany it.

“My mother read tarot for friends when I was a kid, and she would only take silver for payment, joking she was a witch. Then I started reading tarot myself as an adult, for fun," says Tanya Fox, Creative Director and Co-founder of Kitfox Games. "When some of the Kitfox artists told me they wanted to make a game about tea-brewing, and we started talking about witches, I knew we could follow our hearts and make something really unique and true to ourselves.”

This game has elements of a sandbox experience, encouraging you to experiment in order to perfect your brews and learn more about the tools and ingredients left behind by the previous tea master. By brewing more recipes and reading the cards, you’ll be better-able to fulfill requests and figure out what kind of witch you really are… a helpful healer? A mischievous warlock? An ominous doomsayer? Something else entirely?
Loose Leaf: A Tea Witch Simulator is now available to wishlist on Steam.

About Loose Leaf: A Tea Witch Simulator
Manage a tea room between worlds with the most in-depth tea brewing simulation ever. Experiment with ingredients and tools to find the best recipes for serving your troubled guests. Then read their fortune in the cards to help ease their worries. Will you become a true Tea Master?

  • Fully 3D environment and fluid simulation for immersive tea brewing
  • Satisfying physical interactions with ingredients and equipment
  • Open-ended experimentation-based gameplay; combine ingredients and try to create your own perfect tea
  • Read from the Deck of Fortune to get to know your troubled guests and alleviate their suffering, interpreting the cards and giving advice
  • Fully original witchy soundtrack by composer Leaf

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About Kitfox Games

A scrappy Canadian games studio focused on creating dangerous, intriguing worlds to explore. The Kitfox co-founders are Tanya X. Short (Designer) and Xin Ran Liu (Artist). They started working together in 2013 on Shattered Planet with the gracious support of the Execution Labs incubator, and officially incorporated in 2014. Games developed: Boyfriend Dungeon, Moon Hunters, Lucifer Within Us, The Shrouded Isle, Loose Leaf... and more! Published: Dwarf Fortress, Caves of Qud, Six Ages, Pupperazzi... and more!