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Holomento’ begins early PC Steam access 27th April (Action-RPG) 

A New World - A New Experience.

April 27th 2022, Publisher Deck13 Spotlight, under the auspices of leading world publisher Focus Entertainment, together with developer Sean Weech, begins the first phase of presenting Holomento, through Steam Early Access on PC. Already forums and social media proclaim Holomento, a Permadeath Action-RPG with lush graphics, challenging and moreish gaming, as being marked as a must play title! Not due for final release until Q2/2023, with new content added monthly throughout 2022, Holomento focuses on quality, gameplay and longevity is an exciting new title that will capture the imagination of gamers of this genre!
Preceding story..
A dangerous and amazing quest awaits gamers. The task is bringing back to life a  mysterious world that with every successful venture or confrontation rebuilds Eventide Hollow. A terrible curse preceded your arrival as Eventide Hollow fell into disrepair and ruin. The source of the curse was also its only protection from it….. The Holomento!

Steam Early Access presents a continent of lands, each different, detailed and full of life  with a finely tuned, seamless progression line as you advance. Your first quest, which will be ongoing, is to gain experience, weapons and knowledge, a basic premise but made exciting/immersive by the wonderful atmosphere that is conveyed! Use the resources you gather from your travels to rebuild towns and bring the Hollow back to life.
Fraught with enemies, fighting and advancing adversaries, a fully populated land is already in place which shows off the grandeur and beautifully ‘detailed’ surroundings. Frantic and ceaseless hordes in many guises are ‘tooled up’ ready to slay you with supercharged lasers or sword thrusting non organic life. With a host of items to collect and unlock, money, energy, potions, venturing and moving into adjoining territories requires patience and guile.

Developer & designer Sean Weech, “What marks Holomento as unique, challenging and must see, is not only the variety of lands, enemies, rpg activities but with each successful conquest, Eventide Hollow slowly comes back to life.”

Fight for Life
Throughout the long and eventful journey - as you battle and progress - the constantly changing landscape, the opportunity to visit shops to purchase items be it weapons or armour, the ever spawning of the enemy, are but a few of the randomised factors within the game. Grinding plays a factor but being blended with skill and understanding of the enemies attributes makes it a challenging experience.
Vista Perfection 
The world you traverse is alive and brimming with action and wonderment.  The main regions in the game currently consist of Eventide’s Edge (tutorial area), Eventide Pass (mountainous region), Frigid Fjord (snow region with forts), Central Valley (central region below the castle), East Valley (region in the castle’s shadow), Lush Valley (a lush region featuring a large ruined colosseum), The Autumn Forest (a magical forest where it’s Autumn year-round), Dragon Bone Desert (an arid desert on the far side of the Hollow) and Tori-jin Temple (a temple to the far east).

Much more to come
There is currently one Dungeon in the game (The Sewers) however, more are planned every few months once early access begins. The future dungeons will be The Old Mill (a large mechanical dungeon with lots of moving parts), The Lost City (an ancient city buried in the sands of the Dragon Bone Desert), The Autumn Mountain (a magic mountain towering above the Autumn Forest), The Ice Palace (a frozen palace on the edge of the Frigid Fjord) and more.

Besides unlocking additional shops and inventory for existing shops by upgrading the Hollow’s towns, you’ll also have to unlock the different starting classes and will be able to unlock new items and weaponry as you play. Weapons and armour progress via a unique level-up system where every item has its own experience bar. Both not only get stronger with additional levels, but change their visuals as well. Weapons are a bit special, since they also get additional abilities on max level.

Unique Features - against other titles

  • Unique progression system where you actively help rebuild and shape the world around you with every run
  • Master a mix of handcrafted and procedurally generated dungeons
  • A much stronger focus on exploration and a unique world compared to other permadeath games and rogue-likes
  • Much much more to be added through development until release

Holomento’s high production value together with its interwoven and unusual storyline determines its fanfare release next year.

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About Deck13 Deck13 Interactive is one of Germany's leading developers. Based in Frankfurt, the passionate team develops award-winning, large-scale productions for consoles and PC. With Deck13 Spotlight the team has also established a publishing service that helps independent developers bring their projects to wider audiences.

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About Sean Weech Sean Weech is a wicked madman developing Holomento on his own with the help of a handful of freelancers and outside contributors. This programmer apparently never sleeps, so everyone's making fun of him for likely being an actual gamedev