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DON'T NOD Unveils New Organizational Structure to Reinforce its Core Expertise Among 3 Key Genres

PARIS March 27, 2024 – DON'T NOD, the renowned developer and publisher of immersive video games, is proud to announce a transformative step forward in its organizational structure, reflecting its unwavering commitment to innovation and creativity in storytelling and gameplay.

At the heart of this evolution lies the experience gained over 15 years of development and the creation of 10 games, which naturally led to the establishment of three distinct internal branches of expertise, formed around the studio's strengths:

  • RPG
  • Narrative Adventure
  • Action Adventure

A move that highlights DON'T NOD's vision within an ever-evolving industry and aligns with its ambitions for 2025 and beyond.

Building on a Legacy

The establishment of the RPG, Narrative Adventure, and Action Adventure branches reflects DON'T NOD's rich history of diverse gaming experiences. From the action-packed world of Remember Me to narrative gems like Life is Strange and Tell Me Why, to Vampyr and the recently released Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden, each branch draws inspiration from the studio's past successes. DON’T NOD’s varied portfolio showcases its ability to create immersive worlds filled with complex characters and meaningful choices, and with these branches, the studio continues to build upon its legacy and reinforce its core expertise in the genres that have defined its success for the past 15 years.

This new organizational structure not only emphasizes DON'T NOD's dual role as a publisher and developer but also positions the studio to maintain creative control while navigating the dynamic landscape of game publishing. It will provide DON’T NOD the agility to better compete in a rapidly evolving industry by responding efficiently to market trends and player preference, and to ultimately continue to deliver high-quality and innovative games that players will enjoy.

"Sustainability, innovation and creativity are the pillars of DON'T NOD's strategy," says Oskar Guilbert, CEO at DON'T NOD Entertainment. "Our commitment to fostering creativity and pushing the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay has led us to structure our organization, paving the way to deepening our specialized expertise in each genre. With a focus on strategic business growth, DON'T NOD seeks to solidify its position as a market leader by capitalizing on the popularity of RPGs, Narrative Adventures, and Action Adventures.”

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration

Dedicated branches for RPG, Narrative Adventure, and Action Adventure mean that team members will have more opportunity to innovate, organize themselves more autonomously, and specialize in their respective areas of interest and expertise, fostering professional growth and skill development.

"This new organization reflects our dedication to delivering high-quality games across successful gaming genres," adds Oskar Guilbert. "The expertise cultivated within these branches allows us to develop increasingly specialized in-house tools and ultimately, cost optimization in production. By improving our productivity and our internal capabilities, we aim to deliver memorable and unique gaming experiences that resonate with players worldwide.”

While each branch may have its own focus, there are still ample opportunities for collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas and know-how between teams leveraging their diverse skills and perspectives. This cohesive approach ensures that each project benefits from the collective expertise and creative energy of the entire studio.

Going Forward
DON'T NOD currently has seven projects in the pipeline, five of which are being developed in-house, including the highly anticipated Lost Records: Bloom & Rage developed by DON’T NOD Montréal – announced at The Game Awards 2023 – plus four unannounced projects. The remaining two projects are developed externally: Koira, developed by Belgian studio Studio Tolima and announced around Gamescom last year, and an unannounced project with Tiny Bull Studios.

Each project and branch will have DON’T NOD’s renowned skills at their core: engaging world building, compelling storytelling, and unique creative direction, all of which remain at the heart of the studio.

DON’T NOD is an independent French publisher and developer with studios in Paris and Montréal creating original narrative games in the adventure (Life is StrangeTM, Tell Me WhyTM, Twin MirrorTM), RPG (VampyrTM, Banishers: Ghosts of New EdenTM), and action (Remember MeTM) genres. The studio is internationally renowned for unique narrative experiences with engaging stories and characters and has worked with industry leading publishers: Square Enix, Microsoft, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Focus Entertainment and Capcom. DON’T NOD creates and publishes its own IPs developed in-house such as Harmony: The Fall of Reverie TMJusant TM and Lost Records: Bloom & Rage TM as well as using its knowledge and experience to collaborate with third-party developers whose editorial visions parallel the company’s own.

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DON’T NOD (ISIN code: FR0013331212 - ALDNE) is listed on Euronext Growth Paris

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