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Crystal Raiders VR Open Beta Announced

- 12.4.2021 - Oulu, Finland -

Game publisher VRKiwi announced that the upcoming VR game Crystal Raiders will go into open beta from Friday 23th of April to Sunday 2nd of May (Pacific Time). Crystal Raiders is a co-op action-adventure game by Nieko developers, where the players explore an ancient castle, filled with crystal guardians, traps and puzzles, to find the mystery of the forgotten Wizard Lord. To join the free open beta, go to Crystal Raiders official Discord community and check the #beta-submission channel for detailed information. All open beta participants will be rewarded with the Oni mask, a legendary player headgear.

Crystal Raiders will be first released on Steam Early Access in the first half of 2021. The exact launch date is not locked in yet but it will be announced soon after the open beta, the publisher said.

Key Features (open beta version)
  • Hand crafted levels
    A set of 10 handcrafted levels in a bright castle environment with increasing difficulty.
  • Weapon upgrades and hidden crystal powers
    Better weapons by looting and buying, plus the castle hides special crystal powers.
  • Avatar customization
    Create your own avatar from different models, haircuts, clothing, and accessories.
  • Co-op
    Up to 4 players to raid the levels together. Better chance of success in numbers
  • Family friendly experience
    All game content is designed with also smaller players in mind.
Crystal Raiders Official Discord Community:
Crystal Raiders on Steam:

About Crystal Raiders VR
Crystal Raiders VR is an action-adventure game where you explore an ancient castle to find the mystery of the forgotten Wizard Lord. Co-op your way with other players or solo through the many levels of fortifications filled with crystal guardians, traps and puzzles. Gain experience to upgrade and customize your avatar. The game has a peaceful social platform called Camp Square, where players can socialize and compete in specific activities on the leaderboards. All game content is designed with smaller family members in mind as well.

About VRKiwi
VRKiwi is the game publisher brand of MeKiwi, a full-stack digital agency based in Oulu, Finland. Their first game Cave Digger was released on Steam back in 2018, which has since come to multiple VR and flat-screen platforms. Their second game ArtPulse came in 2020, and there are more coming through their publishing pipeline, namely Crystal Raiders VR and Cave Digger 2: Dig Harder. VRKiwi website is, and MeKiwi

About Nieko
At Nieko we are a team of nine. We have been working in the field for over 10 years and started to specialize in VR with the first Oculus DK2 Kit. We have in-house programmers, 3D modelers, texture artists, concept artists. We work on our own projects as well as provide services for customers, and sub-contracting for game companies. We also develop our own virtual reality games – Crystal Raiders VR, and Neolithic. Nieko's website is