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Upcoming ARPG Crystals of Naramunz to be Unveiled at GDC 2024

Experience seamless in-game crafting to Web3 in an immersive steampunk world

Crystals of Naramunz is an upcoming hack ’n’ slash, loot-driven ARPG being developed by a team of veterans, sustainably integrating real in-game item ownership to provide everlasting gaming experiences and value to players.


San Francisco (GDC) –March 11, 2024–At GDC this year Crypto Rogue Games will showcase how Web3 can improve the player experience and alignment in loot-driven Action RPGs. Visit us at the Avalanche booth P1501 to experience Crystals of Naramunz for yourself.

“We are a team of old school hack ‘n’ slash ARPG fans who are not afraid of mixing proven mechanics with new innovative tech to improve the player experience. Web3 is that tech, enhancing the value of players’ items and stash in loot-driven ARPGs,” says Åke André, CEO of Crypto Rogue Games. “Our hope is that Crystals of Naramunz will lead the way into an era in which players can choose to trade their unique items securely and frictionlessly in an open market.” 

About Crystals of Naramunz (CoN)

Crystals of Naramunz (CoN) is an upcoming free-to-play hack ‘n’ slash loot-driven action RPG set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world centuries after a global disaster known as “The Nexus.” Players take on the role of different heroes and explore a world filled with ruins, dungeons and powerful relics. Inspired by Diablo and Path of Exile, Crystals of Naramunz offers an exciting gaming experience with high replayability due to its deep itemization, power progression, seasonal resets and multiplayer features. The game will be launching on PC later in 2024.


Craft, Own and Trade Your Loot

Since the beginning of loot-driven games, players have shown incredible attachment to their in-game items and character builds. Players will play for hours, undertaking challenging quests to get that one unique item that completes their build. The more rare this item is, the more valuable it becomes, as other players seek to covet it as well. In other words, player wealth progression is measured against other players.

In Crystals of Naramunz, blockchain is integrated to enhance the value, tradeability and security of these in-game items, providing an open market for players to trade in while simultaneously preventing item duplication. In a blockchain-enabled game, players can experience true ownership of their hard-earned loot, enabling them to trade with other players on the secondary market, similarly to how skins in other games are traded. 

Crystals of Naramunz runs in seasons, where the apocalyptic event Nexus will strike and destroy the world of Naramunz, forcing its citizens to start over. Infused with crystals and unique properties, Aetherials are the most powerful items in the game and survive the seasonal resets caused by the Nexus event. Each season thus ends with a reset that wipes out everything except what’s on the blockchain. This will incentivize players to turn their hard-earned game items into Aetherials. Aetherials are however completely optional in Crystals of Naramunz and the entire game can be played without interacting with any blockchain elements.


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Crypto Rogue Games is a game development studio founded in 2021 with offices in Umeå, Sweden and Tallinn, Estonia. The team has a track record of working on award-winning game titles such as Path of Exile, Stellaris, and Pillars of Eternity.



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