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Time Survivors: Chapter 0 is available now on Steam

The Most Historically Inaccurate Roguelike Ever Made

September 18, 2023 - Lunar Chili has launched Time Survivors: Chapter 0 on PC via Steam today. "Chapter 0" is a free-to-play version of the upcoming full game "Time Survivors", set to release after the Steam Next Fest in October. "Chapter 0" introduces players to the world of Time Survivors, allowing them to experience some content of the full game and get a taste of what's to come.
Time Survivors: Chapter 0 offers an exhilarating rogue-like bullet hell experience, guiding you through time as you solve a gripping mystery. Your journey involves battling waves of enemies, making strategic choices for weapons and upgrades, and crafting overpowered character builds. Immerse yourself in various historical eras, from the Medieval Age to the Stone Age, and recruit iconic figures like Cleopatra, Nero, and Abraham Lincoln to aid you in your battle against relentless foes.

Each character in Chapter 0 boasts a unique ability, transforming every playthrough into a fresh adventure. For instance, Nikola Tesla wields electrifying electrodes to create shocking paths that zap your enemies. Oda Nobunaga can transform into a nimble flying ninja robot, while Abe Lincoln can summon defensive barriers crafted from cherry trees. With eight characters to choose from, each with their own distinctive ability, there's a wealth of exploration to be had.

The game introduces an innovative graphical meta progression system, allowing you to unlock and enhance characters, abilities, weapons, items, and stages using resources such as Gold, Guardian Hearts, Damascus Steel, and Time Crystals. Tailor your progression to your preferred playstyle, strategically managing resources to craft your unique character build.

Prepare for intense battles against a diverse array of enemies in each stage, including the fearsome T-Rex lurking in the Stone Age. Additionally, Time Survivors: Chapter 0 presents never-before-seen power-ups and challenges in the world of bullet-hell gaming. Encounter Magic Mushrooms that temporarily transform you into a giant capable of stomping on enemies, or face the risk of instant death when attempting to purge one of the Cursed Relics.

With its captivating 2.5D pixel graphics, an original soundtrack, and support for the Steam Deck, Time Survivors: Chapter 0 immerses players in an action-packed adventure that can be enjoyed on the go.

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