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Tactical heist game Spirited Thief is out to steal your heart on Steam today: team up with a ghost to scout, loot and get out!

Teamwork (and sticky fingers) make the dream work

Lille, France, September 19, 2023 – It’s time to get sneaky! One-man studio Koi Snowman Games and publisher Ishtar Games (The Last Spell, Lakeburg Legacies) have just launched turn-based stealth game Spirited Thief on Steam, and have a new narrative gameplay trailer to celebrate:
Follow Elaj, a thief down on his luck after losing all his magic, and Trin, a ghost who may have just the skills that Elaj needs, partnering up to pull off a big score as they heist their way through heavily guarded vaults, crypts, castles, and dungeons. The Thieves’ Guild may not like what they’re up to, but as they say, team work makes the dream work, and they’ll sometimes enlist other specialists’ help to score it big.
Send in Trin to scout locations undetected, locate the loot (and the guards), and plan your heist, before Elaj goes in to gather as many riches as possible, all this before time runs out. You may even uncover a larger conspiracy at play…
Spirited Thief is out now on Steam with a 10% discount, break in today:
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About Koi Snowman Games:
Koi Snowman Games is a one-man studio based in Paris (France). After 10 years of experience in game dev, Spirited Thief is our very first game, to be released in 2023. We strive to share our passion for games that are challenging, enthralling, and fair.
About Ishtar Games:
Ishtar Games is a development studio and the indie publishing label of Nacon, based in Lille and Bordeaux (France). We previously made The Last Spell and the “Dead in” games (Dead in Bermuda, Dead in Vinland). We love games that are complex, mix different genres, especially with an RPG component.
Ishtar Games is built, run, and founded by gamers. Because of this, we are passionate about being true to ourselves and crafting games that not only hold our values, but are also games that we’d like to play ourselves.