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‘Sunfire and Moonshadow’ Expansion Release Date and Season Pass Announced

After a full year of production, Lost Pilgrims Studio, developer and publisher of Vagrus - The Riven Realms, is ready to release its first expansion: Sunfire and Moonshadow. It will be available to the public on the 7th of November. The expansion is paid downloadable content and it introduces the Bronze Desert, a new vast region to explore with a swathe of new settlements, new enemies to conquer, new stories to be a part of, a large cast of characters, and new quests to complete through which the players may make their mark on the continent of Xeryn. The expansion’s store page is available for viewing and is ready to be wishlisted on Steam, GOG, and Epic; doing so will notify players at the time of its release. The studio has also put out a trailer for the expansion’s release.

Along with the expansion, Lost Pilgrims studio has also announced the addition of a Season Pass, which will allow players to buy both the expansion and a further two content DLCs that are forthcoming from the developer. The Season Pass will allow players to embark on further adventures in the Riven Realms beyond just the Bronze Desert. It will allow players to show early interest in the two unannounced DLCs that are set to follow their first expansion’s release – which includes the addition of two companions to the core game (set to release in the first half of 2024) and another new region with fresh new mechanics and elements within the world to interact with (set to release toward the end of 2024). Purchasing a Season Pass will yield a small discount on all products, and will greatly support future content production. For more information, see the Vagrus Season Pass Store Page on Steam, GOG, and Epic.

As the largest piece of content included in the Season Pass, Sunfire and Moonshadow will expand on earlier themes and factions already fully fleshed out in its base game. It will also introduce a new, central conflict for players to focus on amid other stories that diverge from it, sending players all over the region and back to their favorite locations in the core game. A colorful glimpse into the central themes governing the region follows below:

Occupying the northwestern corner of the continent of Xeryn, a desert older than the Calamity lies between the Brown Mountains and the River Lethe: the Bronze Desert. It is a realm torn by war in more than one way. The Empire rallies its immense legions here, sending them north toward the Green Continent to lay waste to its lush lands while the elite Chimera Legion remains behind to oversee this arid staging ground. Deep in the desert, however, lurks a different threat – that of the Ahari. Birthed by the native Bandul and tempered by their unwillingness to yield in the face of Imperial oppression, the Ahari seek to win back their sacred oases and holy sites, fighting an impossible campaign of terror. Amidst it all are the Handjari, sworn allies of the Empire and stewards of the greatest city in all the Bronze Desert – Kabur, the Jewel of the North.

The stage is set, the stakes are high. Who will you, a mere vagrus, align yourself with? The mysterious Ahari and their Sun God or the cruel Chimera Legion and their ruthlessly pragmatic leader, the Legate? Your decisions will shape the fate of the region writ large, paving the way for a new, uncertain future throughout the Realms.

New Content and Features:

  • An entirely new, expansive region to explore and exploit
  • Fully fleshed-out, extensive questlines
  • New enemies, monstrous and humanoid alike
  • A large cast of new NPCs, with backstories, motivations, and allegiances to various factions or ideals
  • A core story and narrative arc that covers the central conflict of the region where players must take sides
  • The addition of three new factions (one major and two local), all of whom play vital parts in the Bronze Desert’s conflict
  • New equipment, items, and rewards for quests and factions

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