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Fueling the rewards economy for video game players with enhanced player engagement to generate brand awareness and conversion  

Scuti and Buff Technologies are collaborating to create a richer loyalty program that gives brands the unique ability to reward gamers for playing video games and generate direct sales with each engagement. Players can now earn loyalty points for playing their favorite video game and use them to purchase real world products from the Scuti marketplace, thereby generating engagement, conversion and equity with a key demographic - the video game player.  

Through the Buff platform, Scuti’sbrand partners can participate in the game experience by rewarding players for achieving key moments and success within the game. Rather than limit the player to digital rewards, the partnership allows players to earn and use points to purchase premium goods such as athletic wear, fashion items, electronics, even order food, and more . Buff has over 6 million registered users, with an average age range of 18-34 - a sweet spot for many brands.
“ BUFF is about real-life rewards & loyalty for gamers based on in-game action or with the BuffPay card, bridging the digital and real worlds, our partnership with Scuti fulfills this vision and allows our worldwide gamers community to connect seamlessly to gCommerce opportunities," said Ophir Gertner, Co-founder and CRO of
The Scuti platform empowers players to purchase products they already buy daily and redeem the rewards received from brands to make universal in-game purchases. Through Scuti, Buff gamers can earn rewards for every engagement during their game. These games include globally top-rated and played titles, including Valorant, Fortnite, Minecraft, Overwatch, PUBG, Clash of Clans, and many more. 
Nicholas Longano, CEO and Founder of Scuti, adds, "BUFF and Scuti is a perfect partnership of two incredible rewards systems. Brands are integral to the player experience, and BUFF brings greater brand-fueled rewards to gamers during gameplay, while Scuti incorporates gCommerce, allowing players to use those rewards for real world goods from premium brands. This collaboration allows us to bring more rewards than ever to gamers, while connecting them with a huge variety of premium products they are able to redeem their points for — just for playing the games they love.”
Brands can now be part of in-game immersion and engage and convert players without disrupting the game. They are now a seamless part of the game experience.

Scuti is the pioneer in gCommerce (commerce through video games) and the world’s first universal rewards marketplace, accessed through video games and metaverses in the Scuti Network. Scuti’s marketplace provides players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards that can be redeemed for in-game virtual items exchanged for native currency or used to purchase any physical goods in the Scuti catalog. 
Scuti was founded by Nicholas Longano and built by a team of video game veterans to provide game makers with the most lucrative and accretive revenue streams, bring players universal rewards to enhance their gaming experiences, and allow brands a direct advertising and sales platform to reach the elusive gaming audience.
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Buff Technologies, is developing and operating a loyalty program for gamers. The platform; mobile and desktop app, operates in the background and does not interfere with users while they play their favorite games.
Buff supports more than 19 games, among them: Apex Legends, CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, and more. The free platform rewards the users by granting then Buff loyalty points for their achievements within the games and the time spent using the platform, gamers can redeem virtual goods on the Buff marketplace for Buff points.
The company was founded by Elay De Beer (CEO), Ophir Gertner (CRO), and Ophir Sarapi (COO). Buff is a public company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange.
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