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Revive Forgotten Flowers in Botany Manor, Coming to Xbox Game Pass, PC, and Switch Spring 2024

The glorious gardens, graceful greenhouse, and dignified doors of Botany Manor will be open to the public during the upcoming spring. Today, publisher Whitethorn Games announces that the debut title from Balloon Studios will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch™, and Xbox in Spring 2024. Botany Manor will also be available day one with Xbox Game Pass. Set in a historical English homestead brimming with a lifetime of memorabilia and research to explore, players will uncover long-forgotten seeds and piece together clues as they solve puzzles to help each rare plant grow.

Along with this news, Whitethorn Games has released a new trailer. Watch it below:

About Botany Manor
The enduring estate of Botany Manor is home to retired botanist Arabella Greene. After a long career, she has amassed a collection of rare, long-forgotten plants that require some research to help them live again. Play as Arabella and explore the stunning historic manor and its grounds to look for clues in her notes, books, posters, and items scattered around the residence to determine the correct set of circumstances to help the flora flourish. Unlock new seeds and plant them. Interactable items around the property that can be turned and flipped will provide information to help you solve each gardening puzzle, grow the plants, and discover their mysterious qualities.

Key Features of Botany Manor include:

  • Explore the peaceful grounds and many calming rooms of the beautifully rendered, historically accurate 19th-century manor.
  • Pick up, flip, turn, and rotate the many items found around the estate to piece together the clues to solve each plant-based puzzle.
  • Learn about Arabella’s life, career, and the challenges she faced as a woman scientist during the 19th century as you explore.
  • Fall in love with the calming soundtrack that perfectly compliments the environment and flowers you bring to full bloom.

Botany Manor blossoms onto PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch™, and for Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X in Spring 2024. The game will be available day one with Xbox Game Pass.

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