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Someone has to protect this realm… is it you? 

Los Altos, CA - 24 May, 2023 | 14 Hours Productions is thrilled to announce their new title, Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago, which will be coming soon to Steam,, Google Play Store, and App Store.

You are the Guardian Spirit of this realm and you have been tasked with raising elf heroes by the Fairy Queen. Your realm is in grave danger, the Dark Lord and their minions are attacking the country side, your elves might be the only creatures who can save this land.. 

Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago combines classic Tamagochi-style gameplay, where you raise and care for creatures at a slow relaxing pace, with RPG elements where you send your hero out on quests to test their strength. As you adventure with your hero, you will encounter new quests, equipment, areas, bosses, npcs and consumables.

Falling in battle repeatedly or not caring for your hero's needs properly means that your little elf will perish. However, fear not - as the Fairy Queen can always give you a new elf egg to raise! You can’t save a realm without breaking a few eggs, after all.

Elves, in their egg form, must be defended from the weather and other creatures. Once the egg cracks open, a cute baby elf pops out! As a Guardian Spirit, your next step will be to raise your baby to become a fully-fledged hero.

Yolk Heroes plays like a classic Tamagotchi or more recent idle game. Once your hero is doing an activity, you can sit back and relax. Have the hero defeat monsters on your second screen or in your pocket. Your hero will notify you when they need your help on what to do next.

Even heroes need their rest (and bathroom breaks). Take good care of your elf before (and after) every adventure. Train their strength, dexterity, or intelligence - make them rest or put them in a bath. Keep them entertained and keep them fed. Take the game at your own pace and only venture out into the world when you (and your elf) are ready.


Excited to raise your elves and protect the realm from evil? Wishlist Yolk Heroes: A Long Tamago on Steam now.


About 14 Hours Productions
14 Hours Productions is a small indie studio made up of incompetents, fools, and street thugs. In between adventures in back alleys, they like to make cute games about elves and eggs. With attitude, gumption, and a lot of fist-pumping, they hope to overthrow the world governments with their artistic productions and bring about a universe of pure cuteness.

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