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Pack your bags, iam8bit announces delightful TOEM physical editions, vinyl soundtrack

TOEM captivated audiences upon its release, drawing players into a charming world where hopping off the path is part of the journey and problems can be solved through empathetic action (and photography!). iam8bit is proud to announce that it's bringing Something We Made's BAFTA-winning debut to new frontiers with physical editions on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch and a wonderful double-album soundtrack. Pre-orders start September 21 on


The PlayStation 5 ($29.99) and Nintendo Switch ($34.99) physical editions feature all-new art that encapsulates what makes TOEM so special. iam8bit's editions are as lively and warm as the game itself. TOEM's striking monochromatic visuals come to life when you open the cases, where you'll find delightful miniature character standees, perfect for unleashing your inner shutterbug as you explore the world offline.


TOEM's music is an essential companion along the journey, and iam8bit is giving it the attention it rightfully deserves. The TOEM Vinyl soundtrack features 32 tracks pressed on two classic black LPs, giving listeners a perfect opportunity to enjoy its wonderful score from composers Launchable Socks and Jamal Green, and with magical interludes by Viktor Eidhagen. The soundtrack's jacket recreates TOEM's in-game photo album, a charming artifact rendered in a well-loved leather look with gold highlights. The soundtrack is priced at $42.99.


The soundtrack and physical editions are both available for pre-order on iam8bit's store on September 21. If you're looking for the total TOEM package, iam8bit and Something We Made are offering a double dose of pictorial perfection. You get the TOEM physical edition on your choice of platform (PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch), plus the TOEM Vinyl Soundtrack, bundled together with a sweet $5 discount on top. They’ll ship together, too! It’s like your own personal photo tour, sent straight to your mailbox. The PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch editions and the soundtrack will be shipping Q1 2024. 


Please let me know if you have any questions about iam8bit's TOEM collection or if I can assist you with your coverage.






Press Kit:


Track List

Disc 1, Side A

  • Title Theme - Launchable Socks 

  • Homelanda Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen

  • Photo Of Home - Jamal Green

  • Squirrel Photography - Launchable Socks

  • Ghosts - Jamal Green 

  • Summer Breeze - Jamal Green

  • Pine Needles - Launchable Socks

  • Stanham Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen, Launchable Socks

  • NAUT - Jamal Green

  • A Place In The Sun - Launchable Socks 


Disc 1, Side B

  • Blub - Viktor Eidhagen 

  • The Smiling Huntsman - Jamal Green 

  • Fisherman's Tune - Launchable Socks 

  • Logcity Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen 

  • The Big City - Launchable Socks, Jamal Green 

  • On The Hour - Launchable Socks 

  • Hustle Bustle Shuffle - Jamal Green 

  • Hop Skip Step - Launchable Socks 

  • Kiiruberg Interlude - Viktor Eidhagen, Launchable Socks 

Disc 2, Side A

  • Stories Of Snow - Launchable Socks 

  • Life Through A Lens - Jamal Green 

  • The Petting Of A Sacred Deer - Jamal Green, Viktor Eidhagen

  • Tall & Shy - Launchable Socks 

  • TOEM - Launchable Socks

  • Everybody That You Meet - Jamal Green


Disc 2, Side B

  • Postcards - Jamal Green

  • Song Of The Sea - Launchable Socks

  • One By One - Jamal Green

  • Hammock Days - Launchable Socks

  • Night Jam - Launchable Socks, Jamal Green

  • A Warm Days Night - Jamal Green

  • Sailor's Tune - Launchable Socks