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Outlast A Crazed Killer’s Rampage in Horror Game Massacre at the Mirage

Prepare for a killer adventure at the Mirage cinema.

[Wiesbaden, Germany - March 6th, 2024] – Developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment are thrilled to officially announce Massacre at the Mirage, a first-person horror adventure that will send shivers down your spine. Spend the evening at the Mirage movie theater while attempting to outwit and survive a masked killer. The town of Crimson Ridge’s finest cinema invites you to the most terrifying movie experience of your life in Massacre at the Mirage!

Welcome to the traditional and charming movie theater, The Mirage. We've got more than just popcorn and sticky floors to make you scream! Step into the shoes of the overworked staff or the unsuspecting movie buffs and prepare for a night of horror you'll never forget! And remember: In a movie theater, nobody cares about your screams!

The Mirage’s patrons and staff are dropping like flies at the hands of a masked clown and it’s your job to put an end to the murders. In this atmospheric first-person adventure, you’ll operate and manage the Mirage cinema while serving guests – all as the deranged killer stalks you and fellow customers throughout the theater. In Massacre at the Mirage, you’ll explore, interact with a slew of characters, and – most importantly – survive!

Join us for an unforgettable Halloween spectacle of terror – we're dying to have you!


  • Eclectic Ensemble: Play as different characters, each with a unique perspective, including theater staff and unsuspecting visitors, offering a well-rounded experience.

  • Unsettling and Nail-Biting Atmosphere: Experience the eerie ambiance of an old, run-down movie theater while a crazy killer is on the loose, lurking around every corner.

  • Brutality At Its Finest: The crazed killer certainly pulls no punches, 

  • Manage the Mirage Cinema: Help customers and ensure the theater runs smoothly while a killer is on the loose.

  • Bone-Chilling Tension: A terrifying experience packed with suspense and horror awaits you.


Massacre at the Mirage is in development for PC and will launch on Steam. A free demo is playable on Steam, offering a taste of what’s in store. For additional information, follow Assemble Entertainment on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Steam, and join the official Assemble Discord server.

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About Assemble Entertainment

Based in Wiesbaden, Germany, Assemble Entertainment is an independent, privately owned games publisher that’s made “Saving the World. Game by Game.” its mission. Founded by Stefan Marcinek in 2016, Assemble is known for its critically acclaimed and diverse indie games, such as Endzone – A World Apart, Roadwarden, Lacuna, and Orbital Bullet. Since 2022, Assemble has been responsible for the distribution of Mixtvision’s games, handling indie hits such as FAR: Lone Sails. Assemble also has won the German Developer Award twice in the category of “Best Publisher.” Learn more about Assemble at

Assemble organizes GermanDevDays, one of Frankfurt's most popular German-speaking conferences. The conference, hosted by Stefan Marcinek, features the GermanDevDays Indie Award, where indie teams across Germany can participate to win cash prizes. Learn more about the GermanDevDays at


About Tainted Pact
Tainted Pact is a solo game developer from California with an unwavering passion for horror movies and games. Tainted Pact is the developer behind several indie horror games including: Terror at Oakheart, Suffer the Night, Weeping Falls Massacre, and Meat Saw.

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