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Mithwood Demo Out Now. The Storyteller And Mortality Revealed.

Fable and Stardew Inspired open world RPG Life Sim hits the top 200 global wishlists

May 27th, 2024— Prepare for the immeasurable journey ahead and choose your own path in the upcoming medieval fantasy RPG Life-Sim Adventure Mirthwood. Taking part in the Steam Survival Crafting Fest, Bad Ridge Games today released the first-ever public demo, which you can play now!


The Storytellers

Mirthwood will feature AI Storytellers (Not that kind of AI) that generate in-game events as you play, from heatwaves in Summer to traveling merchants. The selected Storyteller directly influences the game's difficulty. Depending on your preference, you could opt for a dark survival experience or a laid-back adventure and farming simulation.

Similar to one of the core insirations behind the game: Fable and Rimworld, The Storytellers will keep each sandbox playthrough unique and interesting. One event may end up with a man from the town being infected by lycanthropy. Would you choose to end the werewolf? or walk away? Should you walk away, you may return to find the town rather empty…

Mirthwood -  Farm Trailer


Bad Ridge Games has released a new development blog detailing how Mirthwood simulates a complete medieval fantasy world. NPCs are mortal and can die from famine, illness, and severe wounds. These NPCs live their lives as real people and will have tangible goals like growing crops and earning money from trade, impacting the game's economy.

Mortality paves the way for organic stories; you can build relationships with characters that may die, offering opportunities to intervene. But not all lives can be saved. When NPCs die, new immigrants replace them, leading to fresh friendships.


Mirthwood instills a captivating sense of adventure while allowing you to choose your own path through its expansive world. Mirthwood is set to launch summer on PC. Eager travelers who wish to start their journey can wishlist Mirthwood on Steam today.


About Mirthwood

Inspired by Fable, Stardew Valley, Rimworld, and The Sims. Mirthwood is an enchanting open-world RPG Life Sim that blends genres to create something truly special. Fleeing a continent swept with war, your arrival in a new land provides a fresh start. Experience an immersive medieval fantasy world sandbox that allows you to choose who you want to be.

Key Features:

  • Cultivate Your Homestead: Build a farm, plant and harvest crops, rear animals, and upgrade your facilities to craft items and gear.

  • Explore the Freelands: This open world comprises six diverse regions and three distinct towns, with much to discover. Travel on foot or by mount through mystical forests to boggy swamps.

  • Brawl and Skirmish: Take up a sword or prepare your bow in real-time combat. Mirthwood pits you against various enemies. Find and equip various loot and hunt down rare, powerful items.

  • Be Who You Want To Be: Your skills improve through your actions. By performing these actions, you’ll gain access to skill cards that you can equip and unlock powerful modifiers. Will you choose to be a lovable rogue or a sword-swinging master farmer?

  • A Fully Simulated Realm: Mirthwood is a fully simulated world and economy where NPCs go about their daily lives. Your choices impact the world and shape events.

  • Embrace Your Sense of Adventure: Embark on quests, encounter dynamic events, and investigate mysteries across the world.

  • Mix and Mingle: Meet and befriend (or insult) any NPC, and unlock new social interactions as your relationships and reputation grow. You can also recruit companions and pets to take with you on your journey.


About Bad Ridge Games
​A small development team from the Pacific Northwest, focused on creating immersive experiences for players. Bad Ridge Games are currently developing their debut title, Mirthwood, the upcoming medieval fantasy RPG and Life Sim Adventure.

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