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Medieval Dynasty Launches Co-Op Mode – A New Era of Medieval Adventure Begins

Toplitz Productions and developers from Render Cube proudly announce the launch of the Co-Op Mode for Medieval Dynasty. This eagerly awaited update, releasing on December 7th, transforms the solo medieval journey into an engaging cooperative multiplayer experience, inviting players to forge their dynasty alongside friends.


Medieval Dynasty | The Co-Op Mode Update | Launch Trailer:


Medieval Dynasty is an action-adventure RPG with simulator qualities set in the Middle Ages. In a world ruled by nobles and clergy where nations trade rule, the lands disturbed by envy, distrust, greed, and military conflict take on the roles of a young man who wants to be the master of his own faith. From a bare peasant to a leader of a prosperous dynasty. Supply and protect the community that relies on you, gather resources, construct buildings, and stockpile food supplies while fending off the wild animals.


The Co-Op Mode Update introduces an immersive shared experience, allowing players to team up with up to four friends. Players are now able to explore the new Oxbow map, where farming, hunting, building, and adventure await. This cooperative approach adds a new layer of strategy and camaraderie, enhancing the game's already rich medieval tapestry. Players can also personalize their avatars with an advanced character creator, which features  options for different faces, eyes, noses, haircuts, hair colors, and even facial scars. This level of detail extends to the in-game social dynamics, where players can engage in medieval romance and rivalry, adding a uniquely personal touch to their journey.


In this update, villages are established collectively, requiring players to strategically divide roles and resources. The introduction of a chat and emote system facilitates smoother in-game communication, making teamwork more efficient and enjoyable. Medieval Dynasty's world comes alive with dynamic weather, a complete 4-season cycle, and diverse wildlife. Players must adapt and strategize to overcome the challenges posed by changing seasons and environments, ensuring the survival and prosperity of their medieval communities.


Since its Early Access release, Render Cube has diligently worked to bring continuous updates and improvements to Medieval Dynasty, incorporating player feedback and introducing new features. The Co-Op Mode Update is a testament to this commitment, offering an enriched gaming experience that stays true to the game's roots while evolving to meet the desires of its growing community.


Medieval Dynasty is now available for purchase on Steam with a 25% discount for 22,49€ / 26,24$. The Co-Op Mode Update will also be introduced to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S platforms in Q1/Q2 2024.


If you're interested in playing Medieval Dynasty, then don't hesitate to grab your hammer and bow, and contact us at:


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