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Indie Game Studio Falling State Inc. Announces Debut Game “Earl vs. the Mutants”

Ditch the Crawl, Embrace the Carnage: Why Walk When You Can Annihilate in This Top-Down Driving Roguelite


Coming off the buzz of their company reveal, Falling State Inc. cranks it up a notch with the announcement of their debut game, “Earls vs. the Mutants.” If a game centered around mutant-smashing chaos doesn’t scream “we’re here to dominate,” what does?


– About the Game –
Buckle up as Earl, humanity’s last line of defense against mutant mayhem in this top-down driving rogue-lite. In “Earl vs. the Mutants,” smashing, crashing, and wrecking havoc are your primary missions. Engage in thrilling boss fights against mutant leaders, and customize your ride with dynamic in-run enhancements. Unlock badass vehicles with unique abilities, all while enjoying quick, 10-25 minute gameplay sessions.


This fresh take on the survivor genre flips the script—your goal is to collide head-on with enemies, not avoid them.


– Coming Soon™ –
While the release date is still under wraps, you can catch the announcement trailer and add "Earl vs. the Mutants" to your Wishlist on Steam!


– About Falling State Inc. –
In case you missed the memo, the three amigos at Falling State Inc. are too busy designing games to churn out frequent press releases. Founded in January, 2023, the indie game studio has been on a mission to deliver the sort of games that speak for themselves.


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