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Honeycomb: The World Beyond – significant information about the PC and console release, new trailer, and fresh subtitle revealed!
Developers from Frozen Way studio based in Cracow, Poland are ready to share some significant updates regarding their upcoming sci-fi survival-sandbox game set on an uncharted planet of Sota7 – Honeycomb: The World Beyond.

Let's start with information regarding the simultaneous release of the game for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles. The development team finds it crucial that players on all platforms can enjoy their bioengineering adventure regardless of their chosen device. No one will have to wait longer than others for a chance to explore the astonishing world of Sota7.

Since the developers are working on the console version of the game, the release date of the game has been postponed to the third quarter of 2024 to ensure players who are looking forward to their adventures on Sota7 will have the best experience possible. This additional time will allow developers to polish every aspect of the game and improve its overall quality, including the console version. While the decision was challenging, it was made in the interest of meeting the community's high standards and expectations.

To ease the wait, developers have just released a new Honeycomb trailer, consisting of in-game footage. It will give players a chance to learn something new about the mysterious diverse world of Sota7, crucial in-game mechanics and the current stage of game development.

Finally, the developers have decided to add a subtitle to the game’s original title. The game’s new full title, Honeycomb: The World Beyond, better describes the adventure players will embark on after landing on Sota7. It hints at a journey into uncharted territories, a rich and interconnected world filled with secrets, challenges and a sense of wonder. On this planet, players can expect the unexpected.

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About Honeycomb: The World Beyond
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to find yourself on an uninhabited, mysterious planet as a pioneer? Carry the weight of a mission that could save the world on your shoulders? Or perhaps you’ve always been fascinated by bioengineering and where its development might take mankind in the future? Honeycomb: The World Beyond sets out to offer its players a unique opportunity to experience all of that and more! Prepare for a journey of scientific exploration and survival on a planet that can be both incredibly friendly and awe-inspiring and hostile.

Explore the world of Sota7 and uncover its secrets. Prepare yourself to be amazed and moved by its diversity. From calm forests and vibrant jungles to vast fields spreading at the foot of a mysterious volcano, prepare for a trek that will leave a lasting impression. Carve out a home for yourself and use that safe space to further your research. Play your part in saving the Earth’s ecosystem thanks to innovative bioengineering mechanics and see the vibrant world of an alien planet with your own eyes.

Bioengineering – meet fascinating life forms and create new ones

Gathering information about an ecosystem is a crucial part of a bioengineer’s work. You need to treat the life forms of Sota7 with caution and respect - after all, they’re all a part of a larger whole. Extract samples and procure resources carefully in order to find familiar patterns and understand this world. This will help you to create new fascinating life forms that will be able to easily fit in with those that inhabit it already – and who knows, maybe one of these species holds the key to solving the problems that plague the ecosystem back on Earth?

Use the innovative in-game mechanics such as allogamy and grafting to create stunning hybrids that could change the world.

Unleash your inner scientist and create what you’re looking for – starting with a different shape of the fruit and ending with a complete change of a life form’s properties.
Base building – expand your base of operations

A true explorer needs a safe haven to rest and contemplate if they want to succeed. One of the player’s many important tasks in Honeycomb is to plan and build your perfect modular base – not only for shelter, but also a place of experiments, reporting progress and rest. Discover our artists’ vision of the future, inspired by natural shapes found in Art Nouveau. The modular design of the base isn’t just a visual feature, but also a strategic advantage which allows you to adapt to your changing needs as an explorer and a scientist. Add an extra room or a corridor whenever you want, matching the direction of the  expansion to the surrounding area.

Nestled within your base lies a sanctuary of profound significance: the laboratory. Here you can grow as a scientist and bioengineer. Gather resources and create varied laboratory devices to experiment with samples collected during the exploration of the world. The laboratory is not just a place for discovering new life forms – it’s also a space where you grow and nurture plants. Cultivate them to make previously empty rooms alive with fresh greenery, and yield a satisfying harvest – a reward that springs from your commitment, which increases your chances of survival.

Honeycomb: The World Beyond comes with an exciting set of features:

  • Explore the unknown – each corner of Sota7 offers diverse biomes with different plants and animals for you to discover. Explorer, let curiosity guide your steps! Encounter the kaleidoscope of life forms, learn about them and apply that knowledge in further research,
  • Awaken your inner bioengineer – in Honeycomb you are both observer and creator. Find and experiment with new fauna and flora species to unlock their potential,
  • Witness the synergy of nature and science  – crossbreed various plants and animals using bioengineering mechanics such as grafting and allogamy,
  • Build your perfect base –  to survive and conduct experiments, you need to build your base first. Gather materials and set up your own sanctuary – an oasis in an foreign world.  If you’re not a keen builder, utilize the planning mode, which will do the job for you!
  • Arrange the laboratory – the hearth of your base is a lab, where you can experiments with collected samples and transform them into new life forms,
  • Find the hidden riches – remember that Sota7 is a unique yet challenging place. You should always be on the lookout for better resources.
  • Survive at any cost – face the upcoming challenges with courage and try to survive in an unfamiliar world of Sota7.

About Frozen Way
Frozen Way is a development studio and publisher from Cracow. You may know them from co-creating House Flipper with its Pets DLC, as well as creating and releasing House Flipper VR, and co-releasing Builder Simulator on Steam. They are a group of friendly people with a passion for video games. Gamedev is their lifestyle and philosophy, so there's nothing better than seeing their creations bring a lot of joy to the community. In the end, we're all nerds, aren't we?