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Ghost Ship Games invests in VR company

The creators of "Deep Rock Galactic" buy a minority position in VR game developer Bolverk Games

Ghost Ship Games has announced the acquisition of a minority share position in Bolverk Games, a Copenhagen-based virtual reality (VR) studio.

Ghost Ship Games now own a minority position in VR-games creator Bolverk Games.

"We are excited to partner with Bolverk Games and support their cutting-edge work in the VR space," said Søren Lundgaard, CEO of Ghost Ship Games.
"This partnership opens up exciting new opportunities, and we look forward to the collaboration."

The deal marks a significant opportunity for both companies. Ghost Ship gains access to specialized knowledge in the VR space, while Bolverk Games will benefit from the creative support of a fellow game studio. The collaboration is expected to drive creative growth and propel both studios to new heights.

"Ghost Ship Games is a well-respected and accomplished studio, and we are thrilled to have them on board as a minority shareholder. We believe this partnership will help us take our work to the next creative level and continue pushing the boundaries of VR," says Bolverk Games' CEO Bo Bennekov.

The deal went through on the last bank day of 2022 and saw Ghost Ship Games purchasing the shares previously owned by investment fund Capnova, which is dissolving and therefore selling off its assets.

Ghost Ship Games is best known for the incredible co-op game "Deep Rock Galactic," which has reached over 10 million players.

Bolverk Games is among the first VR studios in Denmark and has a strong reputation in the industry. With Ghost Ship Games' support, the studio is well-positioned to continue its success and push the boundaries of VR technology.

Currently, Bolverk Games is making the game Genotype: An escape-the-dungeon adventure. Taking place in Antarctica, this chilling sci-fi adventure presents the player with a series of moral choices, interesting puzzles, various minigames, and fun new mechanics.

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