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Forgebeast Kickstarter is Live

Champaign, IL -- April 11th 2023

Digital Piledriver Studios is announcing the Kickstarter for Forgebeast, which goes live on April 11, 2023 at 7am EST.

Forgebeast is an action/adventure, heavy metal themed brawler and follows the protagonist, Mosh, as she battles to the center of the Earth. Pet companions, or Forgebeasts, transform into weapons so that Mosh can battle against enemies of living steel. Players will need to decide how to forge bonds with their Forgebeasts during their journey using different types of foods and collectibles. Those forged bonds will unlock different abilities, stats, and powers as players progress further into the game.

The Kickstarter touts a range of rewards for potential backers, including digital copies of the game, beta testing access, and even designing game elements such as NPC's or enemies to be included in the game's release. Digital Piledriver Studios state that they are launching the Kickstarter because they want to leverage two of the platform's biggest strengths: 1) Creating a community around a unique game/idea, and 2) Getting feedback from that community to help make it a better game.

If you want to support the game's development and get a front row seat for news and updates, you can find the Kickstarter at:

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