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Everybody Deserves Their BOO in Cozy Dating Sim Love, Ghostie

Love is in the air with a fully playable demo ahead of Steam Next Fest

May 20th, 2024 - Ignite that romantic spark and ship to your heart's content in cozy dating sim, Love, Ghostie. Launching on Steam later this year with a fully playable demo available starting on May 20th through Steam Next Fest, Love Ghostie brings wholesome vibes while answering the age-old question: would those two be compatible together? Budding matchmakers prepare to be in your feels as love always wins even in the afterlife.

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Meet Ghostie, a matchmaking ghost new to the manor who loves to watch romance blossom. Create any romance you want and learn more about the residents of the manor to help them find their BOO. Experiment with different couples and unlock relationship stories that are unique to each pair of residents.

Discover each resident’s unique personality by giving them gifts, assigning them on dates, or giving them tasks that affect their happiness and relationships. Enjoy minigames and unlock upgrades to expand the manor and meet new residents. It's up to you to help the residents find the right partner. But don’t worry you can always test the waters with other relationships to find the perfect match.

Love, Ghostie will launch on Steam later this year with a fully playable demo available starting on May 20th through Steam Next Fest. Eager Lovebirds can wishlist Love, Ghostie on Steam today and get ready to ship to your heart's content as no one is out of your league on this whimsical date.

Key Features:

  • Create any romance you want - every resident is shippable with every other resident!
  • Resurrect some joy in a stranger’s life - set residents up on (not-so) secret dates, help decorate their rooms, and send them on tasks to lift their spirits!
  • Help someone find their BOO - as residents get closer to each other, you’ll unlock adorable relationship scenes. Every pair of residents has their own unique story!
  • Play with people's hearts - unlockable minigames deepen resident relationships and boost resident happiness!
  • Large combination of couples - with a total of 12 residents, discover 66 combinations of couples with unique storylines!

About Janbeh Games

Janbeh Games is a women-led independent game studio composed of a small group of passionate game devs who have come together to build games they’d love to see more of in the world. They are currently working on their debut game, Love, Ghostie. For more information, visit