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Enter The Gungeon Deluxe Anniversary Edition Vinyl Now Available for Pre-Order, Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend Sets Phasers For Massive Discounts

Up to 90 Percent Off Games You Should be Embarrassed Not to Own

It's time to celebrate ENTER THE GUNGEON's 5th birthday with the Deluxe Anniversary Edition vinyl from Laced Records.
Featuring music by doseone, this special collection includes the complete Enter the Gungeon soundtrack alongside tracks from Exit The Gungeon and comes packaged in a gunbelievable pop-up triple LP sleeve by Joseph Harmon.
This limited edition release is exclusive to the Devolver store and can be pre-ordered now at Items will begin shipping November 2021.
In addition, the Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend has taken over Steam with obscenely generous discounts on Devolver Digital games, even the ones you promised your concerned parents that you would never buy. Now is your chance to correct the wrongs of the past by purchasing each and every Devolver Digital game at a fraction of their intended price.
This year’s unprecedented annual Devolver Digital sale features brand new games from the label’s eclectic roster including the award-winning and critically acclaimed Loop Hero at 20% off, Olija, Minit Fun Racer, Carrion, Serious Sam, Disc Room and Exit The Gungeon alongside a bulging sack of modern classics such as Ape Out, My Friend Pedro, Katana Zero, Shadow Warrior 2 and more.
“I never approved these discounts and I refuse to acknowledge them,” acknowledged Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “I still make money while refusing to acknowledge them.”
Consumers can deposit their preferred currency in exchange for digital goods during the Devolver Digital Publisher Weekend on Steam from May 6 – May 11.
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