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Dive Surpasses Game Studio Data of 60 Million Monthly Active Users Across Platforms

With 20% year-over-year growth, Dive’s Business Intelligence and LiveOps solution coupled with its virtual data team support, is proving a compelling data solution for game studios worldwide

2 FEBRUARY 2023, NEW YORK - Dive, the unique custom analytics and LiveOps platform built for games, today announced that it has reached the milestone of 60 Million Monthly Active users in managed data across the various studios using its platform. This marks 20% growth in 2022 with growing momentum as more studios see the value in extending their business intelligence teams while getting closer to their data. Dive is seeing growth in managing gaming data across Mobile Apps, Mobile Web, Desktop Web, Web3, and the Roblox platform. 2022 also marked the beginning of Dive’s handling of specific blockchain and NFT data for studios working in the space.
Sean Kauppinen, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Hiber, an innovative UGC metaverse platform, said, “Dive has been essential in enabling us to track events in our proprietary 3D engine, our marketing funnel, and our users’ journeys through our platform.  In addition to the technology, the Dive team is literally an extension of our business intelligence team, enabling us to operate as if we have a large team of analysts finding insights that you wouldn’t expect in a start-up, but require if you want to grow..”
“What makes Dive unique is that we are not a cookie-cutter solution,” said Elad Levy, Dive Founder, and CEO. “Our platform is totally customizable, and when we onboard a new partner we tailor every graph and filter for their needs and special game characteristics. This allows us to really cater for games on any platform from web, to mobile, to Web3 games and Roblox.” 
Martin Spinetto, CEO at Widow Games said, “Our games are built on Web3 and NFT technology and since these are all very new concepts, it was hard to find a trusted BI partner with that knowledge. Selecting Dive as our data partner proved to be a great decision in the ever-changing world of gaming technology. Dive’s team is able to adapt and find a technological solution to analytics requests and that helps us in understanding our players' preferences and improve our game.” 
The Dive solution includes three main ingredients: a Data Platform that handles data extraction, validation, and normalization, an Analytics offering which is the visualization work of data through customed dashboards, and a Calender based Live Ops Tool which includes real-time audience segmentation and the planning and management of monetization events.
“We’ve been using Dive’s analytics solution for our mobile game, Mine Rescue!, and recently expanded to our Gebeta game, a traditional African board game brought to mobile,” said Michael Quacinella, Game lead at Carry 1st, the leading publisher of social games and interactive content in Africa. “Dive’s solution helps us understand our players' behavior through robust A/B testing. Having Dive is like having our own virtual team of data experts.”
Jonathan Bach, Head of Product at Nifty Games, the creator of the mobile game NBA Clash, which was recently named “Game of the Day” by Apple, said, “Dive’s analytics solution has been an essential part of our growth path. When dealing with data, it's quite easy to get lost and we are always looking to compare apples to apples to make the right choices. Dive doesn't just give us a platform, but they have experienced people working with us to answer business questions.”
Dive is now serving 80 game studios across various platforms. With its rapid growth and knowledge in gaming data, Dive is on a path to continue bringing enterprise-level data services to any studio on any platform. 
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About Dive
Dive ( was founded in 2019, has a growing team of 20, and is running on 80 games around the globe.
Dive takes the complicated data problem from game developers and offers a custom-made solution to collect, validate and maximize its potential for improving their game economy and LiveOps. A company created by game industry veterans, who know the interlaced strands of game data management, the Dive platform is tailored to each client’s unique needs, combining a dedicated data expert team and integration tools. Dive’s solution can adapt and grow to always suit a game's ever-changing needs, and runs on a wide variety of platforms and technologies including mobile, web, PC, Roblox, NFT & Blockchain, and Snapchat to name just a few.
Elad Levy Bio
Elad Levy is the Founder & CEO at Dive where he oversees the execution of the company’s vision to become a leader in custom analytics and LiveOps in the games industry. A 20-year veteran of the games industry and a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Levy previously co-founded Pacific Interactive and the category-defining game in the social casino space, “House of Fun,” acquired by Playtika, Ltd. in 2014. Following the acquisition, Mr. Levy joined the executive team at Playtika, leveraging the platform to scale “House of Fun” and playing an instrumental role in the eventual acquisition of Playtika by Giant Interactive, and then CIE (Caesars Interactive Entertainment) in 2016. 
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