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Digital Tabletop Fest returns with Blood & Dice

Celebrating tabletop-inspired games and the players who enjoy them

Bristol, UK – 22 March 2023. The third iteration of Digital Tabletop Fest returns to Steam on March 23rd through March 27th. This event will celebrate board, card, and tabletop-inspired games through a wide array of discounts, in-depth panels with notable figures from the community, and exclusive let’s plays. The theme this year is Blood & Dice, which will have a special focus on fantasy, horror, versus, and war games. 

With tabletop games influencing video games from direct board game adaptations to first-person shooters, there’s a whole host of genres involved in the festival. Established hits such as Slay the Spire, Disco Elysium, Terra Invicta, and Wildermyth join upcoming games like Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, For the King II, Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life, and Breachway.

A let’s play for Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun will premiere during the festival in never-before-seen footage. Viewers will get an in-depth look at the game’s first two levels as members from the development team face-off in a competition to defeat all enemies as quickly as possible.  

Digital Tabletop Fest: Blood & Dice is run entirely by Auroch Digital, who partnered with Steam for the previous two festivals. Studio Director at Auroch Digital and Co-Founder of Digital Tabletop Fest, Tom Rawlings, is excited to see the festival return.

Tom says: “It’s been great to organise the third Digital Tabletop event, and it’s a genre that’s so close to our hearts. To be able to showcase so many tabletop-inspired games, from indie through to AAA, shows us just how varied the tabletop space is for video games. It’s incredible to see different takes on board and card games, as well as other titles that are inspired by tabletop mechanics or IPs. We can’t wait for Digital Tabletop Fest: Blood & Dice to begin!”

In addition to a variety of discounts on many of the participating titles, Auroch Digital will also publish pre-recorded panels based around the themes of the festival. These panels feature prominent figures from both the video game industry and physical tabletop space and cover topics such as: Vampires in Gaming, Dice, Randomness & Gaming, and Conflict and Competition in Card Games. The guests featured in the panels include Lead Designer on Vampire The Masquerade 5th Edition, Kenneth Hite, Brand Community Developer for World of Darkness, Martyna Zych, Lead Producer for For the King II, Dan Mascall, Game Designer for The City of Games, Frank West, and Concept Artist for V Rising, Viktor Blomqvist, as well as many more industry experts.

The recently announced Mars Horizon 2: The Search for Life will be discussed with the game’s Lead Designer, Producer, and Lead Marketing Manager while playing the original Mars Horizon. The team will look at the original game and discuss the tweaks and enhancements that are being made to the sequel. The final let’s play of the festival will see members of the Brewmaster: Beer Brewing Simulator team attempting to brew a blood-red ale in the game as they closely follow a special recipe. 

Below is a schedule for the Digital Tabletop Fest: Blood & Dice content: 

Digital Tabletop Fest: Blood & Dice takes place on Steam from March 23rd – 27th. The page will be live from 5pm GMT on March 23rd and the promotion will end at 6pm BST on March 27th. For more information, follow @SteamFestivals and @AurochDigital.

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About Auroch Digital

Auroch Digital is part of the Sumo PLC Group. They are a small game development studio based in Bristol, UK and founded in 2010. The studio works on original titles, partnerships, and work-for-hire projects, specialising in strategy and digital tabletop games, working with the likes of Games Workshop and Ndemic Creations. Auroch also has an interest in making games that relate to and deal with real-world issues.

Auroch Digital's titles include boomer shooter style Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun, the authentic beer brewing simulator Brewmaster, action-strategy hybrid Dark Future: Blood Red States, the console versions of fishy theme park management game Megaquarium and cute robot city builder The Colonists, and Mars Horizon which was made in collaboration with the European Space Agency. The studio is currently working on several titles, both original IPs and ports.

Auroch Digital continues to grow and is recognised as a leading studio within the gamedev community for its talent in connecting the real with the digital. It is also recognised for its craft in porting games from one platform to another, be that physical tabletop to digital, or between PC and console.

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