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Devsisters’ New IP, ‘BRIXITY,’ Available Now Worldwide!

‘BRIXITY’ Is A New Relaxing City-Builder Game From the CookieRun Developer Available Now on Android & iOS!

San Mateo, California - August 24th, 2023 - Devsisters is excited to announce that BRIXITY, a brand new mobile sandbox city-builder from the development studio behind the award-winning CookieRun IP, is launching globally today, August 24th, on Android and iOS devices!


BRIXITY is a relaxing sandbox city-building game where anyone can quickly assemble ‘Brix’ to build their city and restore Earth. Players can bring their creative visions to life brix-by-brix, like recreations of famous architecture, brix portraits of pets, or anything their mind can think of. Blueprints can also be created and shared with fellow players around the world.


“We are thrilled to share our new game, BRIXITY. Our team has poured their hearts into creating a game that builds a world where desolation can turn into hope through the power of imagination. The game represents an escape into a place of positivity and adventure where players can create the world they want to see.” - Product Directors - Jeein Kim and Jung-soo Park


Players can walk around each other’s cities in a fully interactable third-person environment to take in all the creativity. Blueprints can also be purchased of buildings they want to bring home and build. Furthermore, players can also rate their favorite cities by using likes or follow functions to support fellow creators.


BRIXITY is about the reconstruction of Earth after it collapsed 500 years ago from neglect. Humankind, called Pipos, retreated off-world until they developed the fantastic technology of ‘Brix.’ With this newfound technology, it’s up to players and the Pipos to rebuild Earth. Each Pipo is unique, with various interactions based on their personalities, appearances, and occupations. 


To commemorate the official launch, Devsisters will hold a cross-promotion with its mobile game series “CookieRun.” By performing various missions such as linking accounts and completing Earth restoration steps in BRIXITY, players can obtain various items, lobby skins, and bear jelly skins in CookieRun: Ovenbreak, whereas various items, BRIXITY-themed decorations, and castle skins can be obtained in CookieRun: Kingdom.


BRIXITY players can obtain 2 CookieRun-themed blueprints and 5 types of special Cookie brix by completing the CookieRun collaboration mission in BRIXITY.


At launch, BRIXITY will have Korean, English, and Japanese language support, which can be downloaded globally from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. More information on BRIXITY can be found on the official website and Twitter.


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"BRIXITY is an exciting game that takes players on a journey of creativity while rebuilding the Earth. Developed by Studio Kingdom and published by Devsisters, a leading name in the industry, BRIXITY combines vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay mechanics. With its unique blend of building, simulation, and relaxing immersion, BRIXITY is a perfect escape from the chaos of day-to-day life. BRIXITY launches on August 24, 2023."

About Devsisters

Devsisters, an international gaming company, brings together people through the power of play with its CookieRun Universe of games. Since 2009, it has created classic running games, including OvenBreak (2009), CookieRun: OvenBreak (2016), and CookieRun: Kingdom (2021), which have reached over 200 million global downloads. The flagship game, CookieRun, has historically ranked #1 in Free Games in the Apple App Store of 13 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and continues to grow in popularity. 


Devsisters plans to expand its IP with BRIXITY, a mobile sandbox city simulator game. The company will continue to grow the CookieRun franchise with CookieRun: OvenSmash, CookieRun: Witch’s Castle, Project B, and MyCookieRun.