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Detailed Accessibility Data On Every Video Game: Gameopedia and Family Gaming Database Deal Makes This Future Possible

Gameopedia announces groundbreaking partnership with Family Gaming Database ( at GA Conf the conference founded to advance the field of accessibility in game development. Together they have trained experts ready to deliver detailed accessibility data for every game in any online store. Comprehensive cross-platform video game discovery based on detailed accessibility data can now become a reality.
The deal can deliver market-leading benefits for its commercial partners:

  • Accessibility data for every game on any storefront or website.
  • Game discovery through Accessibility search.
  • Regular reviews of game data for updates and patches.
The partnership also aims to support and extend the accessibility conversation through engagement with publishers and developers:
  • Questionnaire to document existing features and inclusive design.
  • Accessibility review early in development to highlight fruitful accessibility enhancements.

As is evident from the work of Xbox, PlayStation and others to add accessibility tags to their digital stores, the need for high-quality, deeply-researched accessibility data has never been greater. However, these initiatives from platform holders can only offer partial coverage as they rely on game publishers to provide and update this information. Particularly smaller publishers face barriers of expertise, cost and budget to deliver, publish and maintain this data.
As Gameopedia ( has shown in many other data domains for video games, the solution is for a meta-data expert to proactively work with publishers, experts and the community to take responsibility for creating and maintaining this data centrally.
Today’s announcement unveils Gameopedia’s game-changing partnership with Family Gaming Database to deliver this detailed accessibility information ( to as many games as required by any store or website. Having trained and tested the partnership over the last year it is ready to leverage the Family Gaming Database’s deeply-researched approach to accessibility features and scale it to meet the needs of any commercial partner.

“The Family Gaming Database stood out from other approaches to accessibility data,” said Frode Krisner CEO and Founder of Gameopedia, “because of its community-focused research that represents the needs of players with lived experience of barriers to gaming. Over a number of years, they have developed a dataset that focuses not only on accessibility settings in menus but the inclusive design features that reduce and remove unintended barriers.”
“Partnering with Gameopedia and leveraging its 15 years of best-in-class meta-data expertise to deliver accessibility information is a game-changer for our work,” said Andy Robertson, founder of Family Gaming Database. “Working with its analysts over the last year we are confident that we can scale the coverage of our accessibility reports to meet any commercial requirement. For the first time, it makes our dream of delivering quality accessibility information to every video game a real possibility.”
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Gameopedia is a Norwegian technology company that has developed the world's largest insight database based on metadata. Through partnerships with several of the largest multinational companies across Europe, Asia, and North America, their extensive metadata fuels millions of consumer decisions every day. The company was founded by Frode Krisner who has a desire to help people more easily find the games they wanted, and as early as 2015, they secured their first multinational company on their client list.

Family Gaming Database was founded in 2019 to support the Taming Gaming book. It supports 1.5M families a month to find games that match their children with its Game Finder tool (
Since its inception, it has documented accessibility information ( to extend game discovery to include accessibility requirements. It works with developers via an Accessibility Questionaire ( to ensure the efficient, accurate and ongoing collection of data.
Contact: / 07540 717270