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David Hasselhoff Trailer for Kung Fury Street Rage Ultimate Edition

Limited Run Games Physical Edition Pre-Order Begins Today!!!!

Welcome to Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition, a side-scrolling beat ‘em up game played from a 2D perspective for consoles and PC. And here is the brand new David Hasselhoff Trailer.
For collectors of old school physical editions, Limited Run Games just opened their pre-order today for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 copies. But if you cannot wait for the physical and must need to dish out some knuckle sandwiches can download the digital edition on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, with Nintendo Switch versions will be available today in Europe and Australia, North America on March 20th, and Asia on March 23rd. 
Based on the cult-hit Kung Fury film by Laser Unicorn, Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition lets you crack your knuckles before lacing up the shoes of your favorite Kung Fury characters including Kung Fury, Hackerman, and the one, the only, David Hasselhoff and unleashing some major buttkicking on some Nazi fools in an epic side-scrolling beat ‘em up!  
“I had an awesome time working with the Hello There Games Team. They immediately understood my vision and always came up with cool and strong ideas which made the game better. Their passion for game development is seriously contagious and inspiring. I'm super stoked to build an arcade machine with our game, it's like the perfect cherry on top of this amazing experience working with such a talented and dedicated team.”  
- Mr. Kung Fury, David Sandberg 
Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition comes complete with two modes of play–a classic wave-based story mode and an endless mode. Included are the expansions The Arcade Strikes Back and A Day at the Beach which introduces a brand new beat ‘em up adventure featuring a 2-player co-op mode with all-new levels and boss battles.  
As a side-scrolling beat ‘em up game played from a 2D perspective Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition brawlers can control one of five playable characters–Kung Fury, Hasselhoff, Hackermann, Triceracops, or Barbarianna. Pound and pummel your way through waves of enemies, utilizing each character’s unique set of moves and abilities. Collect and unleash various power-ups and weapons found throughout each level. 
Pre-order begins now for collectors wanting physical region-free Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 copies of Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition Soundtrack and Game Bundle. The fortunate who are able to order now will receive Stereo Sound Music inspired by David Hasseloff, pro tips from Hackerman in the Hackademy Practice, and more.   
If you are attending either GDC or PAX East, and feel like getting your rumble on, the teams behind Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition have several treats in store for fans. 

  • March 17, The MIX showcased the game as well as many other unannounced indie games which you can view on their YouTube
  • March 20, The MIX Onsite Showcase will return in person to kick off GDC week. For more details, please visit The MIX event page
  • March 23-26 at PAX East, come by the Limited Run Retail booth (10049) to go fists-on with Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition and maybe even get something special. 

Developer Hello There Games will release Kung Fury: Street Rage – Ultimate Edition with The MIX team, which has been helping developers gain visibility and traction for their games.  This is amongst the first games where The MIX is directly supporting distribution, with more to come.
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About Hello There Games
Hello There Games is an independent game studio that works in the intersection of games, music and films. The studio primarily develops and sells premium games for PC and console. Previous releases have received both critical and player acclaim worldwide. The successful launch of the Avicii: Invector series, has further cemented their prominent position in the music games genre. Hello There Games also runs a section of work for hire game development together with clients like Google, Meta, etc.
The studio has an exciting portfolio of IPs with great potential and works with a number of publishers and local partners to market and sell games globally.

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About The MIX
The Media Indie Exchange (The MIX) was created by independent game developers and game enthusiasts to help teams build relationships with press, publishers, distribution channel & platform leads and industry professionals through events, digital showcases and more.  Kung Fury: Street Rage - Ultimate Edition. is amongst the first games that The MIX is directly supporting with distribution, with more to come. 
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