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An Indie Speedrunner’s Dream! DISASTER GOLF Free Demo coming to Steam 1/16/24

Get Ready for some Environmental Mayhem! Drive Golf Balls through Crumbling Worlds, with the Hippo Havoc Team & VoxPop Games

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - JANUARY 8, 2024 – Disaster Golf, a physics-based, sports hybrid game from developer Hippo Havoc LLC is coming to PC via Steam. Published by VoxPop Games, a free, playable demo for Disaster Golf is going up on January 16th, 2024, one week ahead of its January 24th launch day.

Watch the Disaster Golf Gameplay & How-To Trailer below:
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Reveal Trailer:

Disaster Golf was the capstone project from the Bradley University Game Design class of 2022 and was continued by a core group of student’s post-graduation, who have formed the brand-new Hippo Havoc development team.

Disaster Golf is a fast paced “mini” golf game where players use different disasters to move the ball. The Disaster differs widely, you can throw a Meteor to blast the golf ball across the screen or use wind as a putter to gently tap the ball into the hole.

The Par system works a little differently in Disaster Golf. Instead of strokes, Disaster Golf measures par by your time and even includes an online leaderboard to track everyone’s times. This means that you can compete for World Records on each individual level. Good luck though because the competition will be fierce.
Disaster Golf will be available on Steam on Tuesday, January 23rd for just $1.99 USD. Make sure that you Wishlist the game today!

Disaster Golf Gameplay Features:
Fast-paced golf! - No need to wait for your ball to stop moving - hit it again as soon as you can. Disaster Golf is all about speed and getting the ball into the hole as fast as possible using any means available. Combine your natural disasters to get the fastest time!

Leaderboards and replays! - See how your times stack up on each level using our leaderboards! Want to improve your time? Activate the ghost ball to see exactly how they got that speedy world record time or compare against the world record or your personal best time in race mode!

Multiple level themes! - Golf across biomes! Use meteors in the sand of a beach, suck the ball into a jungle singularity, or shoot it into the sky on a geyser of lava. Explore the beautiful worlds of Disaster Golf!
Challenge mode! - Tired of choosing your own disasters? Let us do that for you. Replay any level in its challenge mode using carefully selected, preset disasters to bring about a unique way of playing. Each challenge mode variant of a level has its own leaderboard - can you devise the best strategy with the disasters you're given and take the top spot?

Hippos! - Hippos here, hippos there, hippos everywhere! Looking to follow Fred's noble quest to overthrow the evil hippo god? Just here for golf? We've got you covered either way.

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Shatter, smash, boost, and zap lightning bolts as you fight against the world records and hurdle toward victory (and Par in under 30 seconds) in the new Steam demo of Disaster Golf coming January 16th, 2024.
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ABOUT Hippo Havoc:
Hippo Havoc LLC, a 4-person indie game developer collective located in the United States, composed of Doug Guzman, Ashley Wielgos, TJ Caron, and Kyle Grenier. You can learn more about Hippo Havoc from their Website, on YouTube, TikTok, and Discord. Of course, like & follow the team on X (fka Twitter).