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DANGEN Entertainment and Developer Ernest Placido Reveal New Trailer for "Pry Into The Void"

OSAKA, September 15, 2023 – DANGEN Entertainment and developer Ernest Placido have released a new trailer for, Pry Into The Void, a dark and captivating monster-taming RPG that challenges players to explore the depths of both their own morality and the game's intricate world.

In Pry Into The Void, players assume the role of Josef, a young man thrown into the depths of the Void with a mission to vanquish the vile entity that siphons the world of its life force. Armed with the unique ability to peer into the hearts of monsters, Josef must gather a team of allies to aid him on this perilous descent into darkness.

Pry Into The Void’s gameplay invites players to embark on a bleak, extraordinary journey where they must pry into the hearts of monsters and people alike. By engaging in soulful conversations, players must navigate a series of challenging moral dilemmas, exploit weaknesses in turn-based combat, and recruit monsters as allies.

The newly unveiled trailer introduces players to the enigmatic character, Waltiere, a loyal servant who has stood by the side of Josef's powerful and esteemed grandfather. With unwavering dedication, Waltiere extends his servitude to Josef, beckoning him to become the savior of a world on the brink of demise. As Josef, players are confronted with a profound choice: will they accept Waltiere's assistance and ascend to supremacy, guiding humanity toward a brighter future, or will they falter under the weight of hardship and responsibility?

Watch the Pry Into The Void - Waltiere Trailer

Pry Into The Void promises players a branching narrative that delves deep into the personal morals of in-game characters and the players themselves. Stay tuned for more information regarding the release date on PC and consoles.

Pry Into The Void on Steam

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