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‘Coloree’ On STEAM™ Challenges You To Play With Colors And Geometric Shapes In Deceptively Fun Puzzles

Simplistic Yet Highly Addictive Gameplay Guaranteed!

Indie game developer and publisher Core Loop Games is inviting all fans of puzzle games to download and tryout Coloree on STEAM™ - a fun and challenging game of colors and shapes promising to keep you puzzled forever. With its intuitive controls and relaxing atmosphere, get ready for a casual gameplay experience suitable to players of all ages and experience levels.

Game Trailer:

Coloree is a fun puzzle game where your objective is to complete each level in the least amount of moves. Your task is to recognize the abstract models from the picture and match colors by moving them around in a geometric space. While it sounds easy, it quickly becomes increasingly difficult, and each level will have you puzzled as you aim to achieve the least amount of moves.

Coloree offers hours of gameplay and 80 levels to complete, and you will be surprised how fun and difficult the puzzles become as you progress. The intuitive controls make the game enjoyable to play and will quickly become familiar to puzzle players. You simply left click and drag a box to change the color of everything within the box. Brilliantly simple, yet highly addictive once you familiarize yourself with the gameplay.


  • 80 challenging levels!
  • Different levels involving unique puzzle solving.
  • Hours of fun gameplay.
  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Different pictures for each level.
  • Colors and geometric shapes galore!

Coloree is available via STEAM™

Journalists interested in further information or a STEAM™ key for playtesting and review may contact games marketing specialist Hans Olsen by emailing along with their credentials and channel links for verification.