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Clash II, a turn-based strategy game set in a world steeped in ancient magic, will leave Steam Early Access on February 15th!

Get ready to face the dangers of the mysterious Karkhan continent in the sequel to the original Clash game.

February 1st, Rzeszow, Poland.

Decades after the events that happened in the first game, Clash II will throw you into the middle of the growing conflict between invaders bearing the signs of The One, calling themselves the Pure Ones, and the people who have inhabited the continent’s magical lands for generations – the Old Ones. With the Pure Ones remaining the dominant force as they conquer more regions of the continent, you’re about to decide about the future of the whole Karkhan land.

Watch the Clash II Release Date Announcement Teaser HERE.

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Clash II is a turn-based strategy game in a world steeped in ancient magic. Immerse yourself in its history and explore a forgotten land full of magical creatures. Gather and train an army, expand your stronghold, and upgrade your heroes! Choose the side of the conflict, lead it into battle and decide the fate of the continent!


Take charge of classic turn-based battles. Lead your team in classic turn-based battles against enemy armies and the monsters inhabiting the ancient continent. Take advantage of the simultaneous movement of your troops and make use of their unique abilities.

Build and manage your castle. Build up your headquarters and manage the economy of your kingdom. Construct buildings to recruit powerful units. Develop technologies, upgrade your army and unlock unique hero skills that will give them new abilities on the battlefield!

Explore the ancient continent of Karkhan. Guide the stories of the characters in the story-driven campaign. Explore ancient ruins, acquire powerful artifacts, and face the magical creatures that guard them. Learn about the history of the conflict and the lands competed for by the factions embroiled in it. Find treasures and acquire strategic objects.

Soak up the captivating atmosphere. Clash II features stylized visuals that immerse you in a fantastic world torn apart by bloody conflict. The unexplored continent is full of dangers and hides a mysterious story. The atmosphere is enhanced by moody music, which takes the immersion to the next level.

Clash II is being developed by Prime Bit Games S. A. and will leave Steam Early Access on February 15th.
The press kit for the game is available at the following link:,91.

More information about the game can be found on Steam, the official website, Facebook, X, YouTube, and Discord.

PREVIEW COPIES (PC) ARE NOW AVAILABLE. To secure one for yourself, please get in touch with Agnieszka Szóstak at


About Prime Bit Games S. A.

Prime Bit Games S. A. is an independent developer, publisher, and porting house of mobile, PC and console games based in Rzeszow, Poland, and listed on the Polish Stock Exchange.