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Scuti, Buff Technologies and Lockwood Publishing reveal how brands are fueling the rewards economy and driving retention and conversion for games

(New York, NY) - Scuti CEO and founder, Nicholas Longano and Marc Fonzetti (CMO/CRO), hosted a panel alongside Ophir Gertner – CRO / Co-Founder of Buff Technologies and Ricardo Flores – Producer of Avakin Life and Studio Operations at Lockwood Publishing, at the LA Games Conference last week. 

This panel of industry veterans explained how brand-fueled rewards will drive the future growth of gaming across all platforms and genres. Combining commerce and rewards presents a tremendous opportunity for brands, game makers, and players alike.   Rewarding players without interrupting gameplay is better for player engagement and far superior to traditional game monetization and out-dated advertising techniques. Brand-fueled rewards allow players to earn rewards for any physical product they purchase from marketplaces like Scuti.  Everybody shops, but not all players can be converted to in-game purchases or monetized from a premium game.  Until now.   

The online video is now available for viewing. 

Highlights from the panelists - 

Ricardo Flores:  “Brands are yet to uncover the power of videogames as a media tool. Players look for experiences, for gameplay with meaning and utility. That means that it’s also up to us, game developers, to engage with brands as the experts to show them how gameplay and our reach is very different from traditional advertising and online shopping.” 

Ophir Gertner: “Gaming is all about the experience. We are part of the entertainment industry, and, as such, we would like to enhance the experience of our users by connecting the virtual world with real life benefits. Brands are a big part of this and helping us to fuel this experience" 

Nicholas Longano: “The future of video games and the metaverse will be a closer tie and coexistence between brands, game makers, and players. And just as brands fuel the sports we watch, the TV we enjoy, and the concerts and music we listen to, so, too, will they fuel the game economy...always putting the player first and always preserving gameplay integrity.”

The panel provides three distinct yet symbiotic examples of branded rewards…with Lockwood providing examples of in-game brand integration, Buff with its around-the-game rewards, and Scuti with its in-lobby (out of gameplay) marketplace.

Longano explains how the Lobby is the most overlooked and undervalued real estate in literally every game.

Each publisher has an opportunity to convert over 20% of players daily through it. Importantly for brands, the panel provides insights on engaging and converting players without ever alienating them or being intrusive to the game experience.


Additionally, Scuti lets players discover fully curated products and promotional offers from top brands directly from their games. Players receive up to 5% of their purchase in the form of Scuti$. Rewards can be exchanged for in-game items, native game currency, or to purchase other physical goods.  gCommerce, or commerce through games, allows game makers to tap into a completely new revenue stream —  the $5 trillion per annum eCommerce industry, an economy that is 30 times the size of the entire gaming industry. 3rd party research shows that 51% of gamers will shop from their games, and Scuti$ rewards will fuel in-game purchases at a higher rate than today's industry experiences.


Scuti created a way to empower players to purchase the products they buy every day and allow players to redeem the rewards they receive from brands to make universal in-game purchases. Scuti also supports rewarded play and play to earn and work with brands and game makers to integrate branded virtual goods into their ecosystem.

These industry pros agree that branded rewards will help drive the video game industry's growth in the future, and the future is now. 


Scuti is the pioneer in gCommerce and the world’s first universal rewards marketplace, accessed through video games and metaverses in the Scuti Network. Scuti’s marketplace provides players direct access to curated products, promotional offers, and exciting rewards that can be redeemed for in-game virtual items, exchanged for native currency or used to purchase any physical goods in the Scuti catalog.  
Scuti was founded by Nicholas Longano and built by a team of video game veterans to provide game makers with the most lucrative and accretive revenue streams, bring players universal rewards to enhance their gaming experiences, and allow brands a direct advertising and sales platform to reach the elusive gaming audience.
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