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Uncover the Truth Shrouded by the Mist in ‘Mistcaller,” Available on Steam

Supernatural 2D Platformer Launches Today

February 13, 2023 Georgian development studio Onyx Wings has today released its supernatural, mystery-based platformer Mistcaller on Steam. The haunting world of Mistcaller invites players to push through a paranormal haze, guided only by a disembodied voice and the hunger for answers. They’ll navigate the impossible mist using unusual powers to control it and bend it to their will, leading them deeper into the abyss toward damnation or salvation.


Mistcaller follows Eve, an amnesiac girl who awakens to find the world covered in mist and no answers in sight. Her quest for the truth uncovers her ability to manipulate the haze around her, which she’ll use to overcome the many obstacles in her path.


Players will help Eve through atmospheric environments, dodging hazards and solving puzzles to uncover the cause of her memory loss, her family’s dark history, and the familial rivalry that’s at the heart of it all.


Mistcaller is a narrative-driven 2D platformer that boasts:

  • Beautiful hand-drawn visuals inspired by titles like Limbo

  • Unique abilities to manipulate the mist and progress through diverse levels

  • Challenging puzzles and hazardous obstacles      

  • A rich narrative about the conflict between two families and a young girl’s journey to rediscover herself and save her kidnapped brother


The ode to classic platformers is now available on Steam


About Onyx Wings

Onyx Wings is a studio in the country Georgia, working on its first title Mistcaller. Mistcaller is a puzzle platformer inspired by games like Limbo. Fully hand-drawn, the uniquely artistic world encased within the mist is beautifully rendered. Explore a deep and rich narrative centered around an ongoing conflict between rival families and uncover Eve's place in it all.