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The turn-based strategy card game Ash of Gods: The Way launches April 27 on Steam!

Get ahead of your game by playing your cards right in the free to join Prologue

Nicosia, Cyprus – March 9, 2023 – Story-rich turn-based strategy card game Ash of Gods: The Way is launching next month on the 27th of April! To celebrate this, AurumDust has just released a new cinematic trailer to show off the intriguing medieval world of Terminus in which players must put their life on the line to protect their home country from invading forces. Along with the launch date announcement, AurumDust has just released the Prologue on Steam for everyone to try for free. 

Watch the new cinematic trailer for Ash of Gods: The Way here:

For those who can’t wait, play the Prologue for free here:

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Will you take the path to victory?
Ash of Gods: The Way is coming out on the 27th of April! Players must step into the shoes of a young man named Finn, who lost his home and family to enemy soldiers from the neighboring country of Frisia. Now, many years later, he must protect his home country from that very same enemy. 

As Finn, build decks of warriors, weapons and wizardry to win tactical, hand-crafted battles with ever changing rules and to progress through the story. Listen to friends and foes, and make choices that will change the fate of the world in this combination of a collectible card game, RPG style conversations, and turn-based tactical battles. There are many ways… but only one Way can be yours!

Players must defeat their enemies in turn-based battles that take place across a wide variety of battlefields, using characters and equipment drawn from their custom built decks of cards. Each fight has its own rules and objectives, as well as ever-changing terrain. By expanding their tactical options and preparing their forces with the right characters, spells and items, players must conquer every foe as they gain cards and progress through the story.

Players won’t have to wait until April to get a taste of the game: the Prologue is now available for free on Steam! In the Prologue, players can try the game by playing the opening chapter of
Ash of Gods: The Way. Build and upgrade winning decks of characters, equipment and spells, and use them to tackle a number of carefully crafted challenges. In the full game, players can choose cards from four different factions and will be able to buy new cards to add to their decks. Players can play through the Prologue for a limited time only, so make sure to download and play it before it goes offline again in time for the game’s launch.

Exploring the universe of Ash of Gods
Ash of Gods: The Way is the second full-length game that takes place in Terminus, which is the universe of the series. Players who want to get acquainted with this fantastical world in preparation for the upcoming release can play the new free Prologue, which will be available for a limited time, or AurumDust’s previous game Ash of Gods: Redemption. Redemption sold over 180,000 copies since its release in 2018 and won several awards, such as the Best Conference Game at the Games Gathering Conference in 2021.

Ash of Gods: The Way has yet to release, it is already off to a great start: thanks to its unique artstyle, the game won the award for Best Art at the Games Gathering Conference in 2021! It also received the title of Best PC Game at the Indie Cup in 2021, which is the largest indie games contest in Eastern Europe.

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About AurumDust
AurumDust is a small but mighty team comprised of creative individuals with a vast array of specialities. Even with team members scattered across the globe, they are connected with their shared love for video games and their desire to bring their passions to everyone around the world. With decades of combined experience and a dedication to bringing enjoyable content to gamers everywhere, AurumDust puts their love of storytelling into their products.

Ash of Gods: The Way, the team has created various other games within the franchise. Most notable is the renowned Ash of Gods: Redemption, a turn-based RPG combining tactical combat, elements from collectible card games and an ever-evolving story in which no one is safe from death. 

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