Press release

Midnight Arrow - A new Indie Platformer Puzzle

I always liked games that build up on mechanics and introduce new concepts to keep the game fresh. Celeste for example has something different in each area. Inspired by it I wanted to also keep the old mechanics from the previous levels to achieve even more interesting interactions.

Midnight Arrow is a platformer where you traverse the night and use your arrows to solve puzzles and see in the dark. You will be required to have dexterity, critical thinking, platforming skills, speed, and sometimes all of this thing combined. The game will have 6 big levels and in total, you can expect between a few hours of gameplay to just finish the game but unlocking all the skins will test your platforming skills and give even more hours of fun.

Simplistic 2D pixel art style.
Big immersive levels
Different types of arrows like fire arrows let you see in the dark.
Challenging platforming and puzzle sections.
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